Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

David A. Ezzo

David A. Ezzo has been involved with the study of Native American Indian history and culture for over thirty -five years. His interest in the subject matter first began when he earned his Indian Lore badge from Mr. Ronald P. Koch when he was 15 years old.

His interest in the topic continued when he served as an Indian Lore counselor at Camp Turner for four summers in 1979, 1980, 1981, and 1983.

David began his academic study of Native Americans when he earned a BA degree in Anthropology from SUNY Fredonia in 1985. While at Fredonia he wrote two published articles and co-wrote a third article with one of his professors, Dr. Alvin H. Morrison.

This article was presented at the 16th Algonquian Conference and was published one year later in 1986.

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Papers on Historical Algonquian and Iroquois Topics: Second Edition

The first paper by Ezzo called “Female Status in the Northeast” discusses the historical roles of Native women in several Algonquian groups including: the Wabanaki, the Delaware, the Shawnee and the Montagnais. The Iroquois are also covered. The second paper by Ezzo is titled “The Shawnee Prophet and Handsome Lake.” This paper’s primary purpose is to compare and contrast the Revitalization movements of the Shawnee Prophet and Handsome Lake. Overholt’s model of the prophetic process is also applied.

The third paper by Ezzo is titled “Female Status and the Life Cycle: A Cross-Cultural perspective from Native North America.” This paper explores the central relationship between Female Status and the Life Cycle. The fourth paper, by Ezzo and Moskowitz is titled “Delaware Indian Land Claims—A Historical and Legal Perspective.” As the title implies, this paper reviews the Delaware tribe in both a historical and legal context. The fifth paper by Ezzo and Moskowitz is titled “The Stockbridge Munsee Land Claim’ A Historical and Legal Perspective.”

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The compilation is rich in accurate details and imagery, serving as a perfect introduction and guide to anyone who wants to learn more about America’s roots. Professors Ezzo and Moskowitz also supply the reader with a vast number of bibliographical references that support their findings, so the reader can know that the information they provide is factual and peer-proven. Such an approach also works as a great starting point for those interested in diving deeper into the topics they discuss in the book.

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