Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Donna Villani

Donna Villani resides in the mid-West. She was brought up in a loving environment being the second child of August and Rosemary Eimer. She has five sisters and four brothers.

She attended St. Paul’s Elementary in Fenton, Missouri, and was a 1966 graduate from Bishop DuBourg High School in St. Louis, Missouri.

Visit the author’s website: https://donnavillani.com/


The Capture of Art

The Capture of Art Instills in the reader an understanding of unconditional love. It will thrill the imagination with intrigue, mystery, and the possibility of murder. The story will take you through the life of the main character, Olivia Anne Webster, from the quiet farmlands of Kansas in the early 1900s, to the busy life of New York. You will comprehend the incognito life with the mysterious Olivia in the secluded Japanese Seto Islands and empathize with her views of her confinement in an American-Japanese internment camp. You will feel her inner spirit and understand why she allows herself to become “The Capture of Art”.

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The Portal

Colleen Armstrong sees Earth as the new frontier. She seeks a fresh future, when along with her family she helps form a wagon train that travels through the wilderness in search of their dream to find a peaceful place to call home. Even with the threat of death all around them; these pioneers find the strength to face the challenges of torrential storms, bandits and natural disasters, yet keep up their courage to move towards their dream.

Colleen’s mother, Beatrice, bestows to her daughter for safekeeping, a chest that was given to her as a child. Beatrice advises her daughter that the chest can not be opened until the secret knowledge of “the compost” is understood.

There is another mysterious phenomenon that Colleen has lived with all of her life that she finds hard to explain, not only to herself, but also to those who love her. That is until she meets the Indian Kuruk, who immediately recognizes her as The Portal.

As Colleen travels in the wilds, daily life brings new adventures as she searches for a love to fill her heart; the secrets of the chest; and the mysterious meaning of her role as The Portal.

Villani’s discussion of traumas, recovery, innovation, and the visionary approach to the uncertainties of the future makes the book appealing to those who want to be moved by the realities of life and society. To say that this is worth a read is an understatement of how good the book is. – The Moving Words Review

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Sole Mate

Conceiving a child is the dream of many young couples. But when Roger and Anne seek the help of fertility specialist Dr. Harvey Prill, Anne becomes the surrogate mother of an unknown science experiment gone terribly wrong. After the birth of Anne’s child, Prill announces that the baby did not survive the delivery. Suspicious of foul play, Anne and Roger actually believe kidnapping is involved.

With the help of Roger’s law partner, Cari Hunter, and Detective Christian Stevens, the couple makes a startling discovery within the fertility clinic, revealing a twisted scheme the cunning doctor has planned for himself…and future generations to come.

Like the author’s earlier novels, The Capture of Art, and its sequel Return to Red Winds; Sole Mate is an adult romance novel, but with a sci-fi twist. Author Bio: Donna Eimer Villani lives in the mid-West, is part owner of a technologies company and continues to stay busy writing romance novels. Besides completing The Portal, she is now working on her next adventure she calls Keep Shining Still Here.

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Return to Red Winds

Return to Red Winds contains adult situations and language. The characters from the author’s first novel The Capture of Art are the main topics of interest in this sequel. As they share tea parties, the child Christina, nicknamed Christy, is fascinated with Grammy’s storytelling, or as they call it “gossip.” They enjoy many years together; they laugh, cry, and bring to mind the life of Olivia Webster Brown and those close to her. Knowing her days are numbered, Grammy has arranged to continue the gossip, and on special occasions has correspondence sent to Christy. Christy, now using her given name Christina, through her love of writing fictitious novels continues the gossip with new characters and new beginnings.

With Grammy’s spirited love in her heart, the beautiful image of the trees seems to have a way of calling her, and Christina always finds a way to “Return to Red Winds”.

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