Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Scott Jameson Sanders

Scott Jameson Sanders is currently an independent business owner with a degree in psychology and an MBA in finance.

He has been writing virtually his entire life and has completed many short stories and over twelve screenplays.

He and his brother are also avid songwriters with over four hundred songs in their combined portfolio. Beginning with the support of his English teacher in ninth grade, Scott has had a lot of experience in creative writing and storytelling.

He is married and has two teenage children, both adopted from China.


The Box Salesman is a riveting story of heartbreak, tragedy, and success.

The author writes: “The Box Salesman” focuses on a recent college graduate named Evan Billings, who is an aspiring songwriter.

He accepts a position with a paper and packaging company to make ends meet, but he actually longs for recognition and success for his creative side.

Through a series of broken relationships, brushes with the law, and substance abuse, Evan seeks to find his way.

Set mostly in the New York City of the 1980s, Evan learns to deal with heartbreak and tragedy and eventually finds his true calling.

Published by Page Publishing, Scott Jameson Sanders’ engaging tale is the perfect match for any avid fiction enthusiast.

I can highly recommend “The Box Salesman” for readers of all ages. However, I’m sure it will strike harder for those who are 20 and older because no matter what generation the reader is from, the human struggle of facing adult life that Evan goes through is timeless and common to all.

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– The Moving Words Review

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