Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Scott Jameson Sanders

Scott Jameson Sanders is currently an independent business owner with a degree in psychology and an MBA in finance.

He has been writing virtually his entire life and has completed many short stories and over twelve screenplays.

He and his brother are also avid songwriters with over four hundred songs in their combined portfolio. Beginning with the support of his English teacher in ninth grade, Scott has had a lot of experience in creative writing and storytelling.

He is married and has two teenage children, both adopted from China.


The Box Salesman

The Box Salesman is a riveting story of heartbreak, tragedy, and success. The author writes: “The Box Salesman” focuses on a recent college graduate named Evan Billings, who is an aspiring songwriter. He accepts a position with a paper and packaging company to make ends meet, but he actually longs for recognition and success for his creative side. Through a series of broken relationships, brushes with the law, and substance abuse, Evan seeks to find his way. Set mostly in the New York City of the 1980s, Evan learns to deal with heartbreak and tragedy and eventually finds his true calling. Published by Page Publishing, Scott Jameson Sanders’ engaging tale is the perfect match for any avid fiction enthusiast.

I can highly recommend “The Box Salesman” for readers of all ages. However, I’m sure it will strike harder for those who are 20 and older because no matter what generation the reader is from, the human struggle of facing adult life that Evan goes through is timeless and common to all.

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– The Moving Words Review

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Driving Through Shaker Heights

Driving through Shaker Heights is the story of Sean Stevens, an average high school student living in an eastern suburb of Cleveland. Despite his lack of direction and disinterest in college, he acquiesces to his father’s wish and enrolls in a small university in southern Ohio.

While there, he pursues both a career connected to his lifelong love of automobiles and Deborah, a fiercely independent, tough-minded, and beautiful girl from his hometown. After a rocky start, Sean’s relationship with Deborah stabilizes until events force them to make choices that irrevocably impact their future.

Driving through Shaker Heights is a vivid and sometimes fantastical tale of how decisions and attitudes of one youth can impact the lives of many.

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Call Me Cecilia

Call Me Cecilia is story about a high school ladies’ man who messes with the wrong girl. In the course of courting his new conquest at a party, Cecil accidentally falls on top of her in a drunken state. In an angry response, the girl, Beth, uses her special powers and puts a spell on Cecil, effectively sending him into a parallel world where he has to be a female for a full year. Over the course of that period, Cecil, now called Cecilia, gradually transforms from the boy he was into the girl he is to become.

He must adjust to the many male and female differences and make sense of who he is while living out his female life. Over the course of time, Cecilia endures the horrible pain of a breakup and losing a lifelong friend. At the end of the spell, Cecilia must then decide whether to remain a girl or go back to being the boy he was before his transformation.

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The House Of Remember When

The House of Remember When focuses on a middle-aged man, Neil Moreland, who is dealing with a broken marriage, a boring job, and an estranged father suffering from dementia. Written in first-person narrative, the story weaves significant life events into his present-day problems as Neil attempts to put his life and family back together. From the beginning, Neil is drawn to an old abandoned home that turns out to be a time portal that allows him to go back in time to relive past moments in his life. With the help of a guide, Dobie, he chooses events that had a significant negative or positive impact on his life and personality. Unlike with a theoretical time machine, Neil is not able to change his actions or the outcome of the previous event, but he is able to review the experience and see it from a new perspective. In the process, Neil is better able to deal with the death of a significant loved one and to ll the emptiness in his life. Learning that faith and trust are critical to any relationship, Neil takes one last trip back in time to his wedding day to review his vows to his wife, Rachel.

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