Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Tim Matthew Marshall

Tim was born in Baltimore Maryland, and began helping others early in life. A natural life coach he has been helping others achieve greater success and happier lives. His education is in psychology and anthropology, and is trained as a Shaman, and a gifted healer.

Journaling his life experiences gave him his passion for writing. He uses his own life experiences in all does, creating a deep realism within all of his work.

A natural storyteller, he has given speeches publicly, and has led people into magical realms of his own creation. He is passionate about helping others achieve their heart’s desire.  A world-class author, he is often invited to speak on stage and on the radio.


The Magic of Lothloria

A young man gifted in ways that few understand is launched into an adventure with his dear friend and neighbor Lucky. Bad goes too worse quickly as they venture forth, landing in an adventure that will alter their lives forever.

He is thirteen and has a very old soul. When the elves find out who he is, a heavy burden is placed upon his shoulders. They call him the hole of the elves and men are at war and the elves are in danger of losing everything.

They are the keepers of the magic of the land and if they fail, it will send the worlds into a tailspin. An epic ride for the epic fantasy enthusiast.

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More than just a magical compilation of wars and discoveries, author Marshall’s effective writing makes the book more engaging and thrilling. The perfect choice of words in describing the unsaid thoughts and creatures within Lothloria makes it easier for readers to visualize a new world while on the journey of witnessing the merging of love and trust in beating the darkness, fears, and hatred. Explanations of terms that are exclusive in Lothloria are brilliantly written. From the conversational tones to the incorporation of simple and plain language and the usage of historical terms, the book is consistent with the story of journeying two distinct worlds revolving around different times.

– The Moving Words Review

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