Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Uwe Jaeckel

I was born in post-World War II Germany and immigrated to the United States (Boston) in my mid-twenties – looking for greater opportunity and adventure.

I went on to build successful businesses in the automotive industry and in real estate and am now working towards retirement while living in a quiet New Hampshire town.

Although I’m an avid scuba diver, skydiver and an instrument-rated pilot, I also love to simply relax while reading a great book.


The Mars Genesis

The year was 2030. The Moon Base had just been dedicated when a transmission came through. Not from Earth and not in the form of any mathematical formula. Only one word in 21 different languages: “Come”.

Concealed from the public, the transmission was traced back to the northern pole of Mars and a small expeditionary unit was quietly sent, ending in complete disaster. Now, ten years later, Darren Hildure and Feng Yusheng — the only survivors of the first expedition – lead the second Mars mission to find the location and hopefully the sender. What they find on Mars alerts them to a dark threat closing in fast.

Together with a small group of chosen individuals, Darren and Feng must race against time to unite the world, prepare for battle, and uncover a plot against humanity – setting off a chain of events that will forever alter their lives and shape the fate of the Universe.

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