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D L Davies

I was born in Susanville, CA, April 1943. In my early years, my family moved frequently and I was raised in California, Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Idaho, and Montana, just to name a few. I spent six years in the Army and was stationed in Germany in the mid-seventies.

I worked mostly as a welder as well as auto mechanic, but in all this time I would find myself caught up in (mentally) creating stories.

My hobbies include photography, fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities; but my favorite pastime is creating stories in my head; tales of other times and places: these tales can take place on the Earth we now know; 

the Earth we once knew; the Earth as it might be hundreds of years from now and alternate worlds and realities. Within the last few years, I decided to put some of these thoughts onto paper and this book that I presume you to be holding is one of those realities.

D L DAVIES is the critically acclaimed and prolific author of the Cuauhtémoc series.

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A young boy, looking for something to eat; lacking that, something to sell for food. In the process, he helps foil a crime; gets himself embroiled in numerous adventures; loses a Father, Sister, and Mother to cannibals (but not all at once), and before the book ends, manages to kill those who killed his family; while creating a varied family of his own. The story ends by explaining the beginning.

D.L. Davies has written this story in a remarkably good manner. The plot unfolds very slowly in the beginning, but once we get to know all the characters, it gains momentum. The author never drags or slows down the story.

It continues at an even pace. The more we dive into the story, the more it becomes interesting.

Gee lands on so many different adventures, and we, the readers, get to ride along with him. The story paints a realistic picture of what the world would look like after WWIII.

New-age weapons have the potential to destroy not only buildings but also society and its moral values. In a world where people are trying to make it through each day, unimaginable things will happen. Man itself manifests destruction as well as construction.

– The Moving Words Review

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Cuauhtémoc Book 1: Descending Eagle

“Davies excels in three areas: his vivid descriptions of jungle and village life; his characterizations, especially of secondary characters such as Cuauhtemoc’s friends and mentors; and his natural-sounding dialogue, perhaps the most difficult task for an aspiring author…an otherwise impressive first novel.”

This story takes place in the early 16th Century; a time when the world seemed to be expanding at an almost exponential rate. It occurs in South America in a land known as Maya: this is not a tale of what was, but rather, a story of what might have been if I had been in charge of that era. The main character, Cuauhtemoc, is born in a small village in the northwestern part of Maya: the story line follows his life from birth, through birdman school, where he learns to become a birdman and carry messages. The account unwinds, telling of his adventures, his fights with pirate raiders as well as some of his own people; and by the end of the book he is twelve years of age and is sent to the City of Emperors by the Commander of the soldier’s garrison.

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Cuauhtémoc Book 2: Descent of the Sun Priests

“Just as Cuauhtemoc has matured in the second book, so has the author’s style. The the action scenes are much more intense. In addition, there are no shades of grey; every character is either totally good or evil to the core. Still the saga is captivating enough that readers will want to learn what happens next.”

This story takes place in the early 16th Century; a time when the world seemed to be expanding at an almost exponential rate. It occurs in South America in a land known as Maya: this is not a tale of what was, but rather, a story of what might have been if I had been in charge of that era. In the second story, Cuauhtémoc is sent to the City of Emperors. He meets the old Emperor and in the process accidentally gives him a new name. He meets the three Crown Princes; gets into another fight with pirate raiders as well as several of his own people; saves the life of a young girl and very nearly kills the Sun’s High Priest: it was a busy week, even for him. The tale unwinds and in the end, Maya has a new Emperor, when the old Emperor dies . . . or does he? If you want to know more; read the book. Available on Amazon


Cuauhtémoc Book 3: Descendant of the Jaguar

“Davies manages to convey what took place in previous episodes without seeming redundant, and Jaguar is much more tightly constructed. But it is really the minor characters that make this third book enjoyable. A displaced Spaniard, a British admiral, Cuauhtémoc’s youngest adopted brother, pirates and other nefarious villains provide the excitement and swashbuckling adventure one expects from historical fantasy.”

As Cuauhtemoc: Descendant of the Jaguar opens, he is now the Greatest Mayan and rules Maya with wisdom and love. He learns more of his own personal history and much more about his father and grandfather and in the end discovers what it means to be The Chief Jaguar Priest.

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Cuauhtémoc Book 4: Deception and Treaso

“By series end, readers have met myriad characters, some actual historical figures, including Cuauhtémoc, who really was the last Aztec emperor. Davies’ talents as a storyteller and wordsmith have matured throughout the series. Fans of alternate histories especially those where the underdog in real life changes the world and ultimately wins will enjoy this title and the series as a whole.”

Deception and Treason is the final of four books; It covers from when Maya first becomes a known world power; touches on their developments of a mechanically powered ship; covers the deception’s and treason’s among many nations, including: the pirates; England; Maya and other times and places. In naming and creating each book as well as title I tried to combine the names of the books, with the book cover as well as the books contents.

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