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Jean-Pierre Piché

Jan. 3, 2022 – It is with deep pleasure to announce the Grand Winner of our MOST MOVING BOOK 2022 AWARD. The deserving award goes to J. P. Piché, author of Blood for Freedom.

A book regarded as MOVING can mean differently for most people. For us, a Moving book means a text that leaves a rather weighted memory in our hearts, and as time goes by, the weight only gets more meaningful and essential.

In this regard, we regard Blood for Freedom as the Most Moving Book for 2022.

The book entails a heart-pounding, emotion-stirring, and most astonishing plot that drives its readers into a state of adventure. Months after finishing the book, the lessons only deepened in meaning. The aspects in this book ignite a sense of individuality and relevance to what is happening in the world today. A reality embedded in this particular historical fiction reflects our society of fear and ignorance.

A story set upon the lands of Guatemala during a war that caused so much tragedy and loss. This book provides a peek into the oppressed and defenseless lives of the native people.

What made this book so Moving? Events you never ought to anticipate and a past already devastating to the soul. This particular narrative of Paul Desilets leads readers to a heart-aching yet soul-embracing journey as he is set on an unclear path similar to most people today.

The book uses a reference that one will never be able to forget. “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13).

This, in relation to the plot of the story, has allowed us to realize all the things we’ve been holding back- our feelings and our dreams. The confusions we felt were replaced by a sense of understanding of what it meant to live in this world. Most people would be afraid of the changes that certainty would bring them, but for us, our purpose is found once we accept that there is a world beyond our boundaries.

In totality, Blood for Freedom is as if it was devised so that those who are lost may find their path, even if that path is something unbeknownst to all of one’s principles and values. Indeed, a worthy Moving book.

Author J. P. Piché will receive a prize of marketing services worth $4,000. It’s our simple but heartfelt way of giving him special recognition whose time, efforts, and talent had produced a deeply Moving book, galvanizing readers’ minds and hearts. Our company stands true to its name, The Moving Words. We believe that authors are one of the most powerful persons in this world.

When their writings have become evolved in the sense of inspiring humanity to move in a better position whether personally, socially, politically, or spiritually, all we could do is to deeply thank them for they have made this world a better place to live in.

We need more evolved authors nowadays especially in this trying time where we search for answers in order to be guided to tread the right path. When we are on the right path, we realize it’s still beautiful to live in this world.

Big Congratulations to J. P. Piché! Hats off to you, sir!

We have featured Jean as our Author Spotlight where he shared his thoughts in this interesting, informative, and enlightening Q&A. Read it here.

Visit Author’s Website here.

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  • Justifiable Deception by Kelly Lewis
  • Grounded Eagles: Three Tales of the RAF in WWII by Helena P. Schrader
  • Honor to the Great Head of the Church: A Transformational Model for Church Leadership, Administration, and Management by Margarette W. Williams
  • Dress Whites, Gold Wings by Daniell M. Brown
  • In Pursuit of Joy by Gary Green
  • Perspectives: A Book of Poetry by Glade A. Myler
  • Life in the Neck: Advent of Christmas by Diane Davies
  • Jeannie Ann’s Grandma Has Breast Cancer by Diane Davies
  • Life in the Neck Squirrel Trouble by Diane Davies
  • God’s Beauty in the Deep by Gary Knapp
  • Moon Over Seaville: Episode 1: From The Other Side Of The Moon by Dr. Leighton J. Reynolds
  • The Rebecca Pendragon Trilogy: Magic Is All Around Us by Gary Green
  • Mother Nature and the Agent by Alice Weil
  • The Bible and Beyond: A Connection to Related Media by Judith Marie Judy Nyere
  • Where Do I Belong?: An Adoption Story by Michelle Ernsthausen
  • Seven Minutes by Linda McClung
  • Winning Again: Hope for the Church in Little America by Kevin Ver Hoeven
  • Beyond the Whale by Chad Groen
  • Day by Day with David: Devotional Studies in 1St and 2Nd Samuel, Psalms by Tommie McBrayer
  • Come Home Alive: The Power of Knowing How to Work Together to Make It Through the Crisis of Cancer by Mari D. Martin
  • Journey to Acceptance: Finding Hope, Support, and Peace for Your Autistic Child by Michelle Vanessa O’Reilly
  • The Fishbowl by David L. Simmons
  • Kidnapped by Alice Weil
  • Loving a Beautiful Mind: Schizophrenia and an Amazing God! by Carolyn T. Linn
  • The Sad and Painful Journey of a Struggling Disabled Black Man: Surviving Against All Odds. “Don’t Quit” by Chibike I. Nwabude
  • An Artist Responds to Political Injustice by Jennifer Hereth
  • Back-To-School Chats, Advice From Fathers To Their Sons by George Bradt
  • The Last Matriarch: Day of the Robin by David L. Simmons
  • A Stellar Life by A. Abt, Helmut
  • I, Too, Remember Mamma by Gary Papierman
  • Just Show Up: Antidote to Corporate Kool Aid by Francis A Castelli
  • The Box Salesman by Scott Jameson Sanders
  • TEAM: Training, Education, and Mentorship by Dana Gordon
  • Reflections of a Glass Maker by Alan Slavich
  • Just the Write Words by Sandy Juhola
  • Tock A Tick by Ryke Leigh Douglas
  • 35 by H A Stuart
  • Survival: A Story of Friendship by Alice Weil
  • Coker: A Mountain Man’s Story by Wesley Arlin Brown
  • Succeed Anyway!: The Entrepreneur Development Manual by Tauheed S Burke
  • Dear Diary – Just Thinking by Bettie Jo Walker
  • People of God – One and All: Saints and Sinners by Edith Close-Vaziri
  • Where Is My Home? by R. B. Raikow
  • Bits and Pieces by Elizabeth F. Campbell
  • Cuauhtémoc: Deception and Treason
  • Yeshua: God is Thinking about You More than You Think by Corey Lautamus
  • La Navidad De Henry by Carlos Mendieta A
  • Colors: The Ancient African Connection to the Founding of America and the Making of the Crips and Bloods by Willie Hill
  • How Blessed You Are in God’s Promises by Barney Sol Reese
  • Come One, Come All Spring Festival by Tammy E. Fogle
  • The Match by Jane E. Dickerson and Jack Seyferth
  • Cuauhtémoc: Descendant of the Jaguar by D L Davies
  • Darling the Orphan Princess by Shelia Chapple
  • Down in the Valley, but Not Alone by Leela Peakuzhimannil
  • Hindi Handwriting by Deborah Shaer
  • Smell the Raindrops by BA Austin
  • Demons Rising Return of the Damned by Melvina Hawkins-Patterson
  • Down by Ol’ Chooster’s Pond by Larry Alvord
  • Cosmic Harmony by Avatar X
  • Invaders by Kenneth Passan
  • Cuauhtémoc: Descent of the Sun Priests
  • A Montage of a Mauve Reality by Thomas Taylor
  • Bee Gone by Connie Corcoran Wilson
  • The Beautiful Blonde Library Angel by Phillip Parcheminer
  • The Holy Spirit Calling by A. L. Istener
  • Louder Than Thunder by Cheryl K. Hawkins
  • Shadows of Passion by David Scott
  • Boyhood Adventures by Aaron L. Carter
  • Blood for Freedom by J. P. Piché (WINNER)
  • Wee Willie One Sock by John Petrie and Jack Petrie
  • Season with My Savior by Amy Jo Wrobel
  • The Last Matriarch by David L. Simmons
  • Sex, Science, Society, and Reproduction by Barry S. Verkauf
  • El Secreto De la Vida (Spanish Edition) by Sorocaima Salerno
  • Mootoa’s Moons: The Other Woman by Susan Quilleash

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