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Barbara Vinson

Barbara Vinson has a Ph.D. in Guidance and Psychological Services with specialties in School Psychology and Working with Parents of Children with Disabilities. She earned her M.Div at McCormick Theological Seminary. Barbara is also an artist and loves doing portraits for friends and family. She worked as a chaplain for VITAS hospice and loved it.

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It was something she had in the back of her head for a long time: writing a book about her life story. A lot had happened in Barbara Vinson’s life, so simply putting pen to paper would take time. However, her story was one she knew would inspire people facing trials like her; thus, her new memoir, A Life of Faith, was written.

A Life of Faith shares with readers Barbara’s experiences and journey in faith, spanning several generations of her family and how they weathered life’s storms. She shares about her parent’s first meeting to her pursuits in education to dealing with current health issues. What stands out most in her story is the raising of her children, as Barbara raises up godly children while continuing to deal with unrelenting health trials, something friends from church says inspire their faith and encourages them to keep going. To coincide with the stories shared are also photos and drawings that capture facing the storms of life, with some of the photos and all of the drawings done by Barbara herself.

Barbara can attest that life is tough, as readers will while reading through A Life of Faith, but God hasn’t given us a spirit a fear and no matter the trials ahead, God hasn’t left your side. He hasn’t for Barbara and He won’t for you.


The Moving Words Review

Barbara Vinson lived a colorful life filled with ups and downs. As she pens her autobiography in “A Life of Faith,” one characteristic remains—her unwavering faith in God.

Born to Gilbert Eugene Shipley and Leanna Ellen Ivey, Barbara introduces us to her life by first drawing a picture to the readers of what her parents are like. Sometime after the war, the couple married and quickly had a child one year and nineteen months later. Barbara Ellen won’t be an only child for long as her siblings, Doris Elyse and Thomas Edward, soon came after.

Barbara perfectly balances her life observations with relevant Bible verses as she takes us from her childhood to her young adulthood. As someone with a special relationship with God, she soon realizes that, much like many of God’s disciples, she is not exempted from trials and tribulations. One such example is her first marriage to a man who did not believe in God, unfaithful to their wedding vows, and leaves her alone with two children to raise. In addition to that, both children are born with congenital issues that require them to need wheelchairs as they grow older. Nevertheless, instead of letting such problems plague her mind, she uses it as an opportunity to simultaneously learn and celebrate her faith.

As a mother, a teacher, and a writer—Barbara Vinson offers a hopeful read to the audience as she goes through her life. Her ability to touch on faith, pain, and uncomfortable truths inspires readers without alienating them as she provides encouragement effortlessly. After reading about her new love and life with Brock, it’s safe to say that her loving influence and care have strongly inspired her kids to stay joyful.

That said, “A Life of Faith” is an easy-going read with golden lessons. Readers who enjoy light reads, inspirational messages, and honest-but-simple lessons on life will indeed find this read golden.

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