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One of the best parts of 2022 is the influx of books we could read. With so many genres to choose from, narrowing down what makes a book genuinely moving can be challenging.

For the sake of the readers, we define a moving book as anything that encompasses the strength of the human spirit. It also refers to works that have continued to inspire and left an impact on their readers, regardless of what genre the writer uses.

There’s a reason why the pen is mightier than the sword. The blade may penetrate the skin, but moving words have the power to pierce or piece the soul.

Regarding this year’s winner of The Most Moving Book 2023 Award, there is nothing more moving than reading Beverly J. Armento’s “Seeing Eye Girl: A Memoir of Madness, Resilience, and Hope.”

As a girl who has become the number one caretaker of a blind, artistic, and mentally ill mother, Beverly chronicles her struggles in this captivating memoir that truly leaves an impression on you. Despite the author dividing herself as “strong Beverly” in school and “weak Beverly” at home, it’s hard to think of her as anything less than courageous when she has undergone so much struggle at such a young age. It’s hard to keep your eyes dry when you know deep in your soul that no child should ever go through such an ordeal.

Yet despite her unfortunate situation, Beverly was never anything less than hopeful. Her selflessness and inner strength served as her shield and sword throughout the years, and despite the memoir’s brief read, you can’t help but want to root for her on every page. Her words serve as a comfort to anyone who feels isolated in a similar situation.

It’s a sad truth to swallow when you realize that Beverly’s situation is not unique. Even now, multiple children in various households are subjected to abuse from their parents, forcing themselves to grow up and adapt without a genuinely supportive network. Fortunately, Beverly survived and even thrived, as she is now a retired professor living in peace.

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The author will receive a $5,000 prize worth of book marketing services but things have changed as of Jan. 13, 2023. Read the news HERE.

With profound admiration, congratulations, Beverly… Visit the author’s website.

Here are the official entries for the Most Moving Book 2023 Award:

  • Unfold Your Petals by Vange Cain
  • Lack of Moral Fibre by Helena P. Schrader
  • The Secret of Life Development of the Spiritual Consciousness by Sorocaima Salerno
  • Passage(s) to Saint-Domingue by William “Duke” Smither
  • Lite Leadership: Theory and Practice by Bennett Annan, PsyD EdD
  • Key to Eternity by Mallory M. O’Connor
  • Jane’s Dust: A Tale of Talc, Deceit, and Death by Ronald E. Gordon, Ph.D. and Joel Brokaw
  • Survival: A Story of Friendship – Part 2 by Alice Weil
  • Xanadu’s Cavern (Epiphany Mayall, Psychic Detective Book 3) by Mallory M. O’Connor
  • A Bunk Bed, a Banana Tree and a Dog by Mary-Ellen Stroup
  • Disconnected by Bob Buckholz
  • Epiphany’s Gift by Mallory M. O’Connor
  • Searching for Elock by Carl Kegerreis
  • The Miracle Before Your Eyes by Patrick K. McAndrew
  • American River: Tributaries: Book One of the American River Trilogy by Mallory M. O’Connor
  • Jeannie Ann’s Grandma Has Breast Cancer by Diane Davis
  • Why We Hate: Understanding the Roots of Human Conflict by Michael Ruse
  • The Miracle Before Your Eyes by Patrick K. McAndrew
  • Scattered Changes: Step Ladder Changes by Ollie R. Marshall
  • Commander-in-Chief (The 44th President): I Merged into we, and we Became One by Ollie R. Marshall
  • Gee by D L Davies
  • Walking Through Your Walls: Loving Yourself and Everyone Else by Lynda Lamp
  • Silver Tide by Jeannie Spafford
  • The Watergate Spies by Delta Tango
  • I Wish I Had Those Gasoline Pellets by Carl Kegerreis
  • Papers on Historical Algonquian and Iroquois Topics: Second Edition by David A Ezzo
  • Advanced ESOL Volume 2: Bible Lessons to Improve English Pronunciation – For College Undergraduate and Graduate Students by Susan C. McMillan
  • Stronger With You by Carol Ann Iaciofano
  • American River: Currents: Book Two of the American River Trilogy by Mallory M. O’Connor
  • Extreme Survival by Ron Tagliapietra
  • Escape to Happiness by George Park
  • Where the Devil Lives by Aletta Henry
  • Beyond Want: Finding Peace Now, Second Edition by Dr. Ronnie Hale
  • Moral Fibre: A Bomber Pilot’s Story by Helena P. Schrader
  • Owning Your Weight: The Realistic Dynamics of Being Who You Are by Dr. Henri Marcoux
  • Imagine This by Nicholas Sampson
  • The Portal by Donna Villani
  • The Spark: The Legacy that Changed the Dance World by Cheryl Ale
  • Fleeing A Country Seeking A New Life by Carl Kegerreis
  • Spirituality 103, the Forgiveness Code: Finding the Light in Our Shadows by Ivan Figueroa-Otero
  • A Man’s Passion by Jerry P. Schellhammer
  • Molly the Trolley and Bud by Ryke Leigh Douglas
  • Moon Over Seaville: Episode 2: In Search of Aginsky’s Mind by Dr. Leighton J. Reynolds
  • On the Ropes: A Tale of the ’60s by Neil J. Smith
  • Eternal Embrace by Ethan Peasley
  • The Mars Genesis by Uwe Jaeckel
  • You’ll Do Anything for Her: A New Relationship Perspective by Maureen E Hosier
  • People of God – One and All: Come and Be… by Edith A. Close-Vaziri
  • Running All Over The World by Anthony Copeland-Parker
  • Create Your Own Fate: Connect with Your Creativity and Change Your Life by Elaine Northrop
  • How To (NOT) Fall Flat on Your Face in College: Where the Nose Meets the Grindstone or the Face Hits the Floor by Robert D. Engelken Ph.D. P.E.
  • MARRIAGE CARDIOLOGY 101: Knowing The Symptoms Of Marriage Heart Trouble by Minister Jeff Mathews
  • Kissing McKayla: and other women who blessed my life by Brad Ryder
  • Seeing Eye Girl: A Memoir of Madness, Resilience, and Hope by Beverly J. Armento (WINNER)
  • My Journey by Joann Sipes
  • Sam’s Surprise by Ryke Leigh Douglas
  • Making A Killing by Claire S. Cabot
  • Tibby And His Friend’s Big Secret by Carl Kegerreis
  • A Badge, A Gun, But No God: The Problems With Policing In America by Hilton Napoleon
  • Spirituality 104: Lessons Of Love From The School Of Life by Ivan Figueroa-Otero
  • Texas Tales And Tall Ships, Vol. 1: Texas History From 1528-1945 The End Of WW2 by Malcom Lee Johnson
  • Will I Ever Be The Same Again?: Transforming The Face Of Depression & Anxiety (Kivler Communications) by Carol A. Kivler
  • Have A Nice Day by Ardyce Miller-Templeman
  • To Finish The Course: The Apostle Paul And The Early Christians In The Roman World by Ardyce Miller-Templeman
  • A Life Of Faith by Barbara Vinson
  • How I Got Off That Tree Limb by Dr. Gregory Harris
  • If The World Only Knew: It’s Time To Wake Up And Heal by Jason T. Beck
  • Silent Cry For My Children by Jeanie J. Breedwell
  • If Love Is Blind, Marriage Can Restore Your Vision by David C. Cory
  • A Reluctant Pioneer by Joellen Collins
  • A Roof Against The Rain by Joellen Collins
  • Skyler’s Invisible Thread by Seana Coughlin
  • Eternigy by Zane Kaylani
  • My Worst Date by David Leddick
  • Do Angels Cry by Jeff Ditges
  • You’ll Do Anything For Him: A New Relationship Perspective by Maureen E. Hosier and Berta Hosier Conger
  • The Coronavirus Collaborative Diary by Claire S. Cabot
  • Driving Through Shaker Heights by Scott Jameson Sanders
  • Classroom Chess: The Primary Teacher’s Handbook by Leah Martin-Dagher
  • The Journey Of A Rainbow My Poetic Journal Mind Views by Minerva A. Garcia
  • The Magic Of Lothloria by Tim Matthew Marshall
  • Broken But Not Destroyed by Minister Evangelist Constance Dixon
  • My Sister My Twin by Linda McClung
  • Down Coon Hollow Road by Joy Gradert
  • Rocking Dog Between Door by Loretta Adu
  • Father Sky, Mother Earth and Me by Seana A Coughlin
  • The Spiritual Order of a Messy Church: An Anglican Perspective on Spirituality and Ministry Formation by Santosh K. Marray
  • Eddies of His Breath: Contemplations of the Word by Eric Ribbens
  • The People’s Choice VS God’s Choice (See Bible Faces Book 1) by Norma Evans Barber
  • Riley the Rhinoceros by Patricia Derrick
  • Adventures of Moti: A Birdie in a Box Book 8: Christmas in Canada by Satyanarayana Ganti
  • Cement Dust by J. Peter Bergman
  • The Red Horse: War Against God’s Government by Connie Ordelheide-Anderson
  • Spirituality in the 21st Century by Frank P. Daversa
  • Words Matter: A collection of vignettes examining the shared spaces of motherhood, marriage, friendship, aging, and femininity by Judy Marano
  • True Story of Baroumbayes Journey from Africa to United States by Noubaissem Baroumbaye
  • Grandma’s Snowflakes: A Book About the Seasons, Nature and Family History by Juli Boaz Karr
  • ACT as Though I Am Already, There I Am: Power of the Spoken Word by Julia Byas
  • Turning the Pages: How Exploring My Past Lives Led Me on the Journey of Healing Memories, and What I Learned While Traveling Back in Time by Alla Kaluzhny (2nd Place Winner)
  • The Further Adventures of Gentleman Jack and Mister Twist by Alan Montgomery
  • The Easter Skunk by Renatta Lynn
  • The Lost Keys of Mechanism by Alexis T. Alexander
  • Breathless Memories: One American’s Memoirs Jim’s Life Journey by James Kenneth Patrick Graham J D
  • Stories Untold: Escape from Slavery by Enitan J. Rotimi
  • Woodlawn Giants by Robert Ross Williams
  • Like Two Saplings: A Memoir by Margery Al-Chalabi

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