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Big Foot: Monster of The Ice


Michele Wallace Campanelli

Adam Reese, the expert zoologist, is worried sick about his missing soon-to-be ex-wife after hearing that she disappeared after an assignment to film a polar bear documentary in Canada. After traveling on a plane and heading to the small island of ice and snow, he brings their thirteen-year-old son, Sean, hoping to hear good news.

Unfortunately for Adam and Co., things worsen when they arrive on site for filming. As each Planet X crew member disappears one by one, Adam adds two and two together to make sense of the mysterious disappearances.

Could it be polar bears? Snow leopards? Or something even more abominable yet powerful?

With little time to waste, Adam, his son, and his team are thrust into uncertainty. The only clues they have of the mysterious creatures are stark-white fur, a putrid odor, and enough strength to tear down their only source of transportation.

Will they find the creature? Or will they lose their lives in the process?

National bestselling author Michele Wallace Campanelli creates a short yet suspenseful adventure where each character must face the “monsters” they’ve seen. As each character scrambles to find a solution to survive, we begin to see cracks on the icy surfaces of the characters in the tale. Adam Reese, the protagonist, is far from the ideal hero as he looks back on his failing marriage. Nevertheless, his wife, Mary, is far from the perfect angel he pictured in his head as we slowly reach the truth in the story’s climax. As tensions grow higher between the remaining survivors, the question of greed, protecting endangered species, and searching for the truth comes to mind.

While short and quick to read, “Big Foot: Monster of the Ice” is more than what meets the eye as readers turn every page. As the characters fight these “monsters” that threaten to kill them, one can’t help but wonder if humans were the real monsters all along.

With that being said, “Big Foot: Monster of the Ice” deserves a place on anyone’s bookshelves if they’re looking for an adventure that creates bridges between family, couples, and species.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2024