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Cuauhtémoc: Descending Eagle

by D L Davies

“This child shall be called Cuauhtémoc; which in the old tongue means ‘descending eagle.’”

Descending Eagle starts with the birth of Cuauhtémoc, a child born to Natomis who was destined to change the world as people knew it. The plot builds on the adventures as he learns to fly and ventures into his first battle.

The story is engaging and extremely entertaining. The author David Davies has an impeccable hold over his craft and knows his art of storytelling. His finesse and creative thinking reflect on each page. The hook is provided very early in the story and that is enough to keep you intrigued throughout. The pacing is fast and you keep turning the pages trying not to waste time on breaths.

I devoured it in just a couple of sittings. But what specifically sets Cuauhtémoc by author David Davies apart and immediately catches your attention is the delightful world-building. It is extremely intricate and immensely vivid.

That combined with detailed character arcs transports you to the setting instantly. You practically live in the world and get lost in it.

This is the first installment in the Cuauhtémoc series and I cannot wait to continue reading more of it. I will recommend it to everyone who loves reading A Good fantasy novel.

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About the Author

About the Author. I was born in Susanville, CA, April 1943. In my early years, my family moved frequently and I was raised in California, Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Idaho, and Montana, just to name a few. I spent six years in the Army and was stationed in Germany in the mid-seventies. I worked mostly as a welder as well as auto mechanic, but in all this time I would find myself caught up in (mentally) creating stories. My hobbies include photography, fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities; but my favorite pastime is creating stories in my head; tales of other times and places: these tales can take place on the Earth we now know; the Earth we once knew; the Earth as it might be hundreds of years from now and alternate worlds and realities. Within the last few years, I decided to put some of these thoughts onto paper and this book that I presume you to be holding is one of those realities.

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