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Gee by D L Davies

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by D L Davies

A young boy, looking for something to eat; lacking that, something to sell for food. In the process, he helps foil a crime; gets himself embroiled in numerous adventures; loses a Father, Sister, and Mother to cannibals (but not all at once), and before the book ends, manages to kill those who killed his family; while creating a varied family of his own. The story ends by explaining the beginning.

D.L. Davies has written this story in a remarkably good manner. The plot unfolds very slowly in the beginning, but once we get to know all the characters, it gains momentum. The author never drags or slows down the story.

It continues at an even pace. The more we dive into the story, the more it becomes interesting. Gee lands on so many different adventures, and we, the readers, get to ride along with him. The story paints a realistic picture of what the world would look like after WWIII. 

New-age weapons have the potential to destroy not only buildings but also society and its moral values. In a world where people are trying to make it through each day, unimaginable things will happen. Man itself manifests destruction as well as construction.

– The Moving Words Review

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