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The Princess and the Swan

by Ryke Leigh Douglas

The story in this book is a heart-warming fairy tale much akin to those of simpler times of after-school afternoons in our childhood – and it brings back those very same feelings…

The Intimacy Equation

by Tim Marshall

Because of an experiment held by the NSA, a new world evolves. A new type of hero emerges who wants to help the rest of the world catch up to the new paradigm.

Demons Rising Return
of the Damned

by Melvina Hawkins-Patterson

Lucifer defied God and was cast out of the kingdom of heaven. One-third of the angels followed him.

The Last Matriarch:
Bob White

by author David L. Simmons

This book takes you to the behind-scenes of political rivalry and power struggle entangled in the darkest secrets of the criminal underworld…

Louder Than Thunder

by Cheryl K. Hawkins

A raw and evocative firsthand account of the events of the catastrophic Hurricane Katrina and its ensuing weeks of a harrowing ordeal for everyone involved…

Wee Willie One Sock

by John Petrie and Jack Petrie

Wee Willie One Sock is about a little boy, Willie. When He walks to the kitchen wearing only one of his socks, his mom Janet gets the investigation going.

Smell the Raindrops

by B. A. Austin

Smell the Raindrops: One Young Woman’s Journey through Life, Love and Recovery written by B. A. Austin describes her early perceptions of the world…

This is Yakutat

by Bertrand Adams

Herein is a collection of short stories about a Tlingit village in Southeast Alaska. The stories are illustrated with the author’s water color paintings.

Mootoa’s Moons

by Susan Quilleash

The Earthers have discovered the way to travel faster than the speed of light. They are approached by a new species called Mxtel to create a collaborative society…

Dark Against the Sky

by Stephen Hauge

BlueInk Review, an influential review company said, “A comparison to Oliver Twist is apt praise… Dark Against the Sky is an authentic, evocative, and classic portrayal of the human capacity to endure.

The Tale of Tumeleng

by Ryke Leigh Douglas

The book begins with Jabari, a male elephant, defending the herd from hyenas. When Jabari’s daughter Tumuleng is born, she grows and learns how to survive in a world filled with danger…

Dancing with a Stranger

by Kitty McCaffrey

Dancing with a Stranger by Kitty McCaffrey is really a warning for dancers. It’s the story about a woman who became so engrossed in the love of dancing and beginning…

Cuauhtémoc by D L Davies

by DL Davies

“The story is engaging and extremely entertaining. The author David Davies has an impeccable hold over his craft and knows his art of storytelling.

Creating an Atmosphere
for the Promises of God

by Melba K. Wiggins

“A book for all of us who need to find guidance in our identity as Christians. It teaches us how we can create a Godly atmosphere through our words and faith…

Sketches of a Small Town

by Clifton K. Meador

“What we have here is a poignant, very funny, yet respectful look back at small-town life and characters in the Deep South in the ’30s and ’40s, pre-prosperity, before it was a recognized condition.

Across the Rift: World War
Two Novel in Rhythmic Prose

by H. Ann Ackroyd

“It explores the impact of the war on them, the society and on people around. It builds on the theme of love, loss, hope, family, and redemption.

Dondobee or The Adventures of a Leolian Elf

by Dale Parry

Dondobee or The Adventures of a Leolian Elf, written by Dale Parry, opens with introducing us to Coal, a dirty little urchin living in a black back alley and his invention…

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