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by D L Davies

A young boy, looking for something to eat; lacking that, something to sell for food. In the process, he helps foil a crime; gets himself embroiled in numerous adventures; loses a Father, Sister, and Mother to cannibals (but not all at once)…

The Miracle Before Your Eyes

by Patrick K. McAndrew

Rev. Patrick McAndrew is a man who is constantly learning about life. In his book, The Miracle Before Your Eyes, he seeks to expand our own view of what might happen to us on our journey in life.

Mother Nature

by Alice Weil

Mother Nature has issued human beings various warnings over the years. She intended to wake us up with, ones that would stop us from directing the planet onto a path that, some say, might already be irreversible.


by Alice Weil

This is the harrowing real-life story told by the author and victim, Alice Weil. The book recounts the moment when she is stopped by a suspicious soldier who was supposedly looking for her brother…


Searching for Elock

by Carl Kegerreis

One common thing that children would always love to do is take on crazy adventures. In fact, they can’t seem even to get enough of it. Every child loves to engage in activities that stimulate wild and extravagant ideas in their minds.

Survival: A Story of Friendship

by Alice Weil

A tapestry of two generations of a German Jewish family caught in the turbulent shadow of war. The book brings a timeless storyline of change and the friendships that transcend it.

Blood for Freedom: On a Mission among the Mayas

by J. P. Piché

Grand Winner of the 2022 Most Moving Book Award, the author has allowed me to experience the enlightenment on the Mayan culture and their dark political issues that occurred years ago…

Passage(s) to Saint-Domingue: Jakobe’s Journey, Overture to the Gathering of Vultures

by William "Duke" Smither

This book is a beautiful homage to the indigenous Taino and the Maroon people, thoroughly researched by Smither…

A Stellar Life

by Helmut Abt

The book is engaging, warm, and honest. Abstract things became simple and provided the backdrop of the author’s joyous life. I ended up feeling grateful to the author for his passionate sharing of the excitement and travails of a life…

Where Do I Belong?:
An Adoption Story

by Michelle Ernsthausen

In this heartwarming book, Michelle narrates the life of Andrew and his journey of finding a sense of belongingness in a story full of sacrifice, love, and inspiration.

God's Beauty in the Deep

by Gary Knapp

Following numerous courses in scuba diving, Gary Knapp embarked on a twelve-year filming adventure inspired by his promise to God to share with mankind…


Journey to Acceptance: Finding Hope, Support, and Peace for Your Autistic Child

by Michelle Vanessa O’Reilly

How should one measure the depth of a mother’s love for her child? Is it by tearing out her traumatized heart from her bosom…

Life in the Neck:
Advent of Christmas

by Diane Davies

Join Eli, Elsie, and their animal friends in the third book of the “LIFE IN THE NECK SERIES” by Diane Davies.

Bertha’s Battle: A lesson in faith and survival

by Bertha Kreinhop and Mel Calvert

The overall feel is one of a no-nonsense family story that maintains its verisimilitude.


Come Home Alive

by Mari D. Martin

Traditional wisdom dictates that to fight against cancer is to fight a losing battle. But the book is a testament..


Just Show Up: Antidote to Corporate Kool Aid

by Francis A Castelli

“It’s an excellent book for everyone, but I’d say it can be an even more delightful read for teenagers or young adults…

Coker: A Mountain
Man’s Story

by Wesley Arlin Brown

“The storytelling is pitch-perfect in this tale. Every scene is described in its minute details. Reading this story was like watching an adventurous movie…

The Beautiful Blonde
Library Angel

by Phillip Parcheminer

The Beautiful Blonde Library Angel is a poignant and true story of the author Phillip Parcheminer. The book opens with the author coming across an angel…

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