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Breathless Memories: One American’s Memoirs Jim’s Life Journey


James Kenneth Patrick Graham J. D.

Memories are precious gifts we leave to our loved ones. Jim Graham’s memories are a fascinating view of not only memories gifted to him from his own ancestors, but also a cache of souvenirs lovingly compiled for his descendants. Breathless Memories takes readers on a scenic journey through text and photographs, from his humble beginnings and a desire for success in Michigan to various accomplishments and travels leading to a well-earned retirement on the Florida coast.

Jim’s memoir offers a poignant view of his life up to the book’s publication. As the son of Scottish immigrants – and they themselves the progeny of Irish folk who migrated to Scotland – the family history he has captured within these pages is rich, detailed, and thoughtfully organized and displayed. The meticulous attention to detail of documented research and photographs littered throughout the pages emphasizes Jim’s desire to leave an accurate, complete, and captivating compilation of his life. This book is truly a graphic gem of what made Jim the successful man he became. It’s quite obvious that even if you never had the pleasure of meeting him personally, Jim was a high-caliber individual who worked hard and held a deep appreciation for education, country, faith, and family.

“Old too soon, smart too late” is one of the many adages Jim uses in his work, but I don’t see how that can apply to a man who has dedicated so much effort and time to preserving his story and his family’s ability to have those memories right here in one handy location. As time passes, the things we once knew become a little less clear and a bit harder to recall. Jim Graham dedicated five years of his life to ensuring that those precious memories remain vivid and available for his loved ones and others to enjoy, reflect upon, and catch a glimpse of the hardworking, devoted patriarch he became. A truly excellent read and a glimpse into the life of a stellar individual…

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023