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Bridget Jones’s Diary: A Timeless Classic Novel for New Year’s Eve

Helen Fielding, photo courtesy of the author

Bridget Jones’s Diary: A Timeless Classic Novel for New Year’s Eve

Single, alcoholic, workaholic, and many more. What magic does one New Year’s Eve do for Bridget Jones? Find out by reading this classic novel by Helen Fielding.

English author Helen Fielding is a master of wit and words; one of the many reasons why Bridget Jones’s Diary made it as a bestselling novel in 1996 followed by its sequel, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason in 1999. In numbers, these novels combined sold a staggering 15 million copies worldwide as it was published in 40 countries. In 2001, the novel already had a movie adaptation which bagged $280 million worldwide and continues to be a classic until the present. Going back to the novel, Bridget Jones’s Diary indeed proved its impact when it was considered as part of the top novels during its time.

An Overview of Bridget Jones’s Diary

Featuring the main character Bridget Jones, a single woman in her thirties, the novel talks about almost all the aspects of her life such as her career and relationships including friends, family, and the search for the love of her life, which is where the novel will revolve around on. It also touches on topics of self-image and vices, one of the many issues that Bridget Jones worries about. As she worries about fears such as dying alone and being eaten by dogs, Helen Fielding fills every page with love, laughter, and lines that resonate with the lives of many readers.

Going back to the flow of the story, the plot starts to build up as Bridget starts a romantic relationship with two men. The first one is with her boss which ends up sourly, whilst the second romantic bond she builds is with her childhood friend whom she meets and interacts with during New Year with the help of her mother. Constantly bombarded with questions about her love life, Bridget resorts to micromanaging the aspects of her life and starting her journey toward self-improvement. The novel also helps one realize how important having supportive and loyal friends are, as well as what it means to be single and in your thirties. Truly, anyone who starts reading the novel would only stand up once they finished reading. Whether it’s for laughs or simply to have something comforting to read, this novel makes an excellent companion. Witty, funny, and mixed with the harsh but common realities of life, this bestselling novel is a perfect go-to for a warm and hearty New Year’s Eve.


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