You are Destined to be Successful

Do what you do best. Whether you like it or not, that’s what you’re good at which is producing results. In certain parts of our lives, we realize that there are things which we like doing yet we really don’t succeed no matter how hard we try. I’m not saying

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Life is a Struggle

Life is an everyday struggle. You commit mistakes but you learn lessons as you get better and better. There’s no such thing as luck. If there is, it may happen once, twice, thrice or never at all. Struggle means you work for something you want to achieve. Struggle means that

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Write a Book

If there’s a story building in your mind waiting to be told and the world needs to know, go ahead and write it down. Think not about the outcome. Don’t think yet about how you’re going to market it. Just go ahead and start typing those words that come into

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Thinking of Committing Suicide?

Have you ever thought of committing suicide? Thinking of taking away your life is a brave thought because it just means you value happiness so much that without it, you’d rather die. I hope your thought would propel you to do something otherwise and creative in order to find a

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The Meaning of Happiness

Happiness has a lot of meanings for me. One of the things which come right away in my mind is the sense of belongingness. I can’t imagine to experience life’s joys if I’m alone, with no one to share the fruits of my labor. And when your act of sharing

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There’s No Way You will Fail

Let no one and nothing should stop you on what you want to achieve in life. You may have past traumatic experiences. You may have terrible failures. You may have embarrassing incidents in the past. Know that we all have shares of those in one way or the other. No

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Why do I Give Tip?

I give tip to my barber whom I have my hair cut twice in a month. I give tip to the vulcanizing guy. I give tip to anyone who assist me when I drive out from the parking area. I gave tip to the car wash boys which never fails

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Travel and Stay in a Resort

Before, I didn’t like to travel because of the hassle of packing things, carrying luggage, transferring transport from one to the other and the list went on and on… When I started to have my own family, that changed. The hassles I considered before have become just part of the

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Drink Organic Green Tea

This organic green tea has been my beverage for many years now. I drink it after meal when I’m at home. The immediate effect on me is good digestion on the food I take. Sometimes when I get tempted with the delicious dishes on the table, I couldn’t help but

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Love What You Do

The movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, is still fresh on my mind. It was an entertaining biographical film as expected from the music legend, Freddie Mercury, Queen’s front man, who had a rare gift with his high pitch powerful voice. But I guess one of the most interesting aspects of the man

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How to Fall Asleep Naturally

When I find it hard to sleep, I do my controlled breathing. There’s no need for a sleeping pill. Doing this kind of breathing exercise for about 30 minutes will make my body feels so light and in no time, I fall asleep naturally. When I wake up, I feel

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Don’t be sad. Be Happy

One time, my brother and I were having a conversation. He told me that he accompanied his friend in the hospital. They were in a large room where it was filled with cancer patients who were undergoing chemotherapy. His friend, who’s in a stage 3 cancer, met a certain person

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Never Wish Harm

Never wish harm to anyone. Remember, our minds have the power to create reality. When you entertain a thought, imagining a certain incident happening to someone, there’s a possibility it might come true especially if the thought is consistent. There might be someone whom you detest and you can’t help

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Blessing in Disguise?

Blessings in disguise. Is it really true? I used to shrug it off, thinking when undesirable things happen, there’s no such good thing about it. It’s just the way it is and the reason why it occurred can be traced to one’s actions. However, I’ve observed recently that blessings sometimes

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Enjoy with a Mask on

My family and I accepted a birthday invitation few days ago because we were informed that it was just a private celebration. When we arrived, to my surprise and dismay, there were a lot of people. I told my wife, they shouldn’t be doing this. Based on recent findings, covid

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Enjoy while Eating

One time, I met a surgeon. His impression to me is cordial and he seems to be an honest and compassionate doctor who’s clearly an expert in his field. We talked about appendicitis. He said that the key of avoiding this condition is chewing the food well. Any food which

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Things Happen for a Reason

I remember when my son was out of the hospital and got fully recovered, it was one of the happiest days in my life. I also remember when I thought I was about to die due to severe stomach pain, I relentlessly and loudly called the name of God to

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To Believe in God or Not

Many years ago, I met a group of atheists and agnostics. While listening to their arguments about God, I observed that their viewpoints and reasoning made a lot of sense. I didn’t know what was going on with their lives if they live with good morals and integrity. But I

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Work Hard for the Money

It’s been said that money can’t buy happiness. It’s true but without it, you can go hungry and feel you’re a burden in this society. You may have debts. Combined with your monthly bills, your income may not be enough to pay them all. That’s why you have to work

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