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Cheryl Hawkins

authorCheryl Hawkins was born on November 19th to the union of Emile and Meriam Hawkins and is the oldest of five children. She grew up in the Church of God in Christ and gave her heart to Jesus at age 16. She also embarked upon music ministry by playing the piano for the youth choir of her church that same year.

Cheryl graduated from Oral Roberts University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Telecommunications. Afterward, she attended graduate school and obtained a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of New Orleans. She has taught elementary school for over 35 years and resides in suburban Atlanta where she is now retired.

Cheryl is the author of the monumental book, Louder than Thunder.

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Louder Than Thunder by Cheryl Hawkins

You’ve heard stories about how Hurricane Katrina victims looted stores, abused little girls, and turned to violence in the Superdome in New Orleans. However, not many people have told you of the thousands of unsung heroes, regular, everyday people who rescued neighbors-whole families-from the rising waters of Lake Ponchartrain and the Gulf Coast as the levees broke. Here are a few of those stories as we follow Cheryl and Emile Hawkins from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans to new lives in metro Atlanta. To the unsung heroes of Hurricane Katrina, Thank you!

“A raw and evocative firsthand account of the events of the catastrophic Hurricane Katrina and its ensuing weeks of a harrowing ordeal for everyone involved… Louder than Thunder amazingly conveyed the author’s feelings and thoughts. Cheryl included her personal conversations with God that would surely cause you to have an epiphany of how amazing God’s handiwork is. A highly recommended book with a heartwarming perspective of how a tragedy has turned into a blessing by humbling ourselves before God and getting a grasp on the situation of why a loving God allows suffering…”

– The Moving Words Review

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