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Music at the Watering Hole

by Michele Wallace Campanelli Far, far away in a land called Africa, lived many different animals. The animals rarely got along, especially during the heat.

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by Michele Wallace Campanelli “Baton” by Michele Wallace Campanelli is a story about a yellow Goldendoodle named Baton and his journey toward finding a loving

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Land of the Gnomes

by Michele Campanelli One of the most continuing life lessons is that ‘Different does not mean wrong.’ And this timeless wisdom can be seen in

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Rex and Friends

by Michele Wallace Campanelli This delightful tale of a young T-Rex speaks volumes about the power of individuality, passion, and friendship. It teaches us a

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Peanut Butter in the Middle

by Stephanie Lombardi-Terranova “Peanut Butter in the Middle” by Stephanie Lombardi-Terranova is a pleasant children’s book that shows the struggles of being the middle child

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