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Color the Bible


Alice Hickey

When it comes to improving mindfulness and seeking a peaceful activity, you’ll be pressed to find something more relaxing than coloring.

In Alice Hickey’s “Color the Bible,” the author introduces bold illustrations to help readers of all ages visualize and appreciate the texts in the holy book. Readers of all ages and faith can understand the significant events of the Bible while also imagining everyday life for the people back in those times.

Coloring is one of the most effective ways of practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness refers to the ability to focus on the moment, not worrying about any problems in the past or future. Practicing mindfulness helps individuals decompress, while coloring gives them a creative outlet to express their emotions and frustrations.

My favorite illustration in the book features a great lion, which references Daniel’s plight. In the story, Daniel was a wise man who served as King Darius’ advisor.

Several of the king’s other advisors were jealous of Daniel because he earned his favor. To get rid of Daniel, the men convinced the king to enact a law in which the people should only worship the king and the king alone. Anyone who worships another deity will be punished. The advisors devised this plan because they knew Daniel prayed and honored the God of Israel.

Nevertheless, Daniel continued to pray to his God. Eventually, he was caught, and the king, distressed that he must punish Daniel, condemned him to death since he could not change his laws. As punishment, Daniel is cast into a pit where hungry lions stay.

The king, distressed at having to punish Daniel, fasted and could not sleep. When the light of dawn came, he got up and immediately went to the lion’s den. When he came near the opening, he called out to Daniel, hoping he was still alive. Miraculously, Daniel survived the night and explained that his God sent an angel to shut the mouths of the lions so he would not be hurt.

Overjoyed at Daniel’s safety and innocence, the king gave orders to lift Daniel out of the den, realizing there were no wounds on him because he placed his faith in God. Afterward, the king commanded punishment for the men who falsely accused Daniel before he decreed that everyone in the kingdom must fear and revere Daniel’s God.

This tale is just one of the many fantastic stories in the Bible briefly illustrated in this coloring book; if you are thinking of teaching children Bible stories while giving them a great activity after, this coloring book will come as a handy learning supplement.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2024