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TMW Book Reviews

Create Your Own Fate: Connect with Your Creativity
and Change Your Life

by Elaine Northrop

“Dream, desire, create, and inspire…”

These are the essential words Elaine Northrop encourages us to remember in her handy guide, “Create Your Own Fate: Connect with Your Creativity and Change Your Life.”

Nowadays, many people often tell each other to give up some of their dreams because we should have “realistic” goals. However, this way of thinking is the exact mindset that sends many of us on the path of unhappiness.

Many often equate “dreams” with “goals,” not realizing they are related but distinct. For the author, our dreams are our heart’s greatest desire for what we want to achieve—such dreams only become a goal when we make an effort to work to make them come true.

Fortunately, the book offers practical yet grounded advice on creating the bridge from dreams to reality.

With a clear vision and specific parameters, we, too, can achieve our heart’s deepest desires as we leaf through this handy book. From learning the art of wishcraft to jumpstarting J.O.Y., we can also become agents of change that inspire others to do the same—even if the results aren’t immediate.

When we get down to it, anything humanity has achieved so far was a product of their dreams and the work they put in. From modern-day household appliances to high-speed internet, every convenience we have is a miracle and an achievement. This example is proof that dreams are constantly happening all around us. When we allow ourselves to better our lives and dare to dream, we become conducive to the universe’s cues, continuing the cycle of dream, desire, create, and inspire.

All in all, I love how positive and uplifting the author’s message is. Every line is carefully curated to encourage us to see things from different perspectives. As a person who actively practices what she preaches, she has no doubt become the embodiment of the very success that she had once envisioned herself.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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