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D.I.B.B.L.E.: Do It Blissfully Before Leaving Earth


Dr. Darlene Adamson-Henderson

What if you could live joyfully while preparing for an eternal journey, understanding and embracing God’s word more deeply along the way?

This is what “D.I.B.B.L.E.: Do It Blissfully Before Leaving Earth” teaches us—to acknowledge God in our everyday lives. This acknowledgment goes beyond being a mere passive affirmation. Instead, it’s an active commitment to placing God’s will and teachings at the forefront of our actions and attitudes. It’s an ongoing process of prioritizing God in every decision. And in our present-day context, this holds significance as it highlights humanity’s pursuit of purpose, a path made less daunting through divine guidance.

Dr. Darlene Adamson-Henderson is a renowned educator, consultant, author, speaker, and philanthropist passionate about enhancing children’s lives through education. This book she wrote echoes her work as the founder of the Heritage Institute Inc. and H.I.A.T., the first charter school in Merrillville, IN. Also, her creation of the J.I.C.B.S. movement (Jesus Is Coming Back Soon) further exemplifies her dedication to preparing the world for the return of Jesus Christ. As we read along, it’s easy to appreciate the book’s mission—reflective of its acronymic title, DIBBLE, which subtly hides the word ‘bible’ within it. It takes us on a profound spiritual voyage, unfolding the significance of a God-centered life.

One beautiful point in her writing is death’s inevitability, but it is presented not as an end but as a transition to the beginning of our eternal existence. The choice of where we spend eternity is within our control, based on the life we choose to live on Earth. And this little book of instruction serves as a beacon of hope… a reminder of the merciful nature of God.

“D.I.B.B.L.E.: Do It Blissfully Before Leaving Earth” is more than just a spiritual guide. It provides a roadmap for us to study scripture, fostering an environment where we can experience God’s presence. It also supports making wise, life-altering decisions while inspiring us to awaken, take action, and find personal inspiration… to prepare us for our final destination. By imbibing God’s teachings, we are guided to avoid sin and challenge our faith to scrutinize our walk with the Lord. And the best part is the seven simple steps to ensure we are on a path to heaven.

Dr. Adamson-Henderson’s insightful interpretations of scripture transform this book from a simple read into a journey to be experienced.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2024, WINNER