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Dear God, It’s Me, Eunice


Eunice K. Juniel

“Never did I view my crawls as a gift. Now through the unsullied lens of time, I can clearly see that it was my crawls that produced my strength and gave me the power to climb.”

When you put your faith on paper for all to see, what does that look like? What does your morality, ideology, and belief system look like when you transfer it to stark black-and-white pages? Are you comfortable with who you are and what you see?

Author Eunice K. Juniel gently bares her innermost thoughts in her book, “Dear God, It’s Me, Eunice.” Through the pages, she takes her readers on a candid journey through her faith in God and personal experiences.

Full of emotion, goodness, and inner strength that many can align with, readers are graced with the opportunity to see themselves through her eyes. As the author navigates through the intricacies of life, readers will find that her words leave a meaningful impact on many.

Relatable, touching, and gentle, she shares her thoughts and beliefs without shame and expresses them in many forms. When building a solid foundation of a spiritual relationship with God, the author cites these three pillars: expressions of gratitude, hope, and strength. Regardless of whatever deity or faith someone owns in their heart and mind, these base principles ring true for many.

Do you take the time to reflect and meditate on your existence? Do you rely on your thoughts and feelings to guide you without a definite answer? Whatever you decide, it’s heartening to find that we, as readers, skew towards both paths–simultaneously or alternatively.

Nevertheless, faith is challenging to talk about, much less through words on paper. Many would prefer to discover truths through the five senses before they could employ said trust. However, faith, by definition, often involves bypassing these physical limitations by utilizing our trust through our beliefs.

Faith is also a very personal pursuit. We may not think, look, or act the same, but we each have our thoughts and beliefs. In a way, the author expresses such sentiments very clearly as she eloquently and patiently entrusts us with her innermost thoughts and feelings.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2024