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by Bob Buckholz

How much power can information withhold? Dan Sanders, an Internet Security Agent for the United States federal government, has the answer to that question. His position makes him the keeper of top-secret knowledge regarding sensitive topics. Still, one particular project lands Dan, his wife Barbara, and their children deep into a deadly chase that may cost their lives – and countless other lives around the world.

In Disconnected, author Bob Buckholz gifts us with yet another novel filled with tense moments and quick action – and it all comes in frightful detail. We read the story through various angles, encompassing each of the characters involved.

At one moment, we witness Dan Sanders preparing for his vacation trip to Colorado, leaving his phone disconnected for some family time. While it unfolds, the wheels are turning back in Washington D.C., with Dan’s boss Alan Crippen becoming the target of a ruthless assault by foreign agents looking for the technical information that could empower any nation.

The aftermath leads Brett Simpson, the son of former President of the United States John Simpson (from another book by the author, White House Deception), to investigate the case with companions Shane and Chris. In the course of the events, they discover another side to the story and learn how wicked their government can be.

Disconnected, by Bob Buckholz, is intense and will have you glued to its pages from start to finish, a finish that comes with a huge twist! An exciting book for teens and young adults that will leave the reader wishing for more – and the author can definitely provide more with his series of books around the same theme.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023