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Do Angels Cry

by Jeff Ditges

Jeff Ditges writes a brief yet beautiful tale on what it means to go through sadness in “Do Angels Cry.”

One night, a young boy went to bed with enormous sadness in his heart. As a result, tears fell from his eyes as he began to weep.

Suddenly, an angel appeared before him and began to comfort the weeping child. Her warmth and kindness calmed his emotions as he turned to face her beautiful eyes.

“Do angels cry?” he asked her.

The angel said nothing at first as a single tear formed and rolled down her cheek. She smiled and explained her answer to what happens when angels cry.

This short yet magical story explains an angel’s empathy. While heavenly angels are different from humans, they can understand the nature of the heart.

Whether they cry because they send their love or want to help us with our needs—there is no doubt that God’s angels are genuinely remarkable.

Another lesson children can learn from this book is how tears can heal us when we go through emotional turmoil. When we bottle up our feelings and keep them at bay, we are only doing a disservice to ourselves because we are not being honest with our emotions. Children need to know that it’s okay to cry because, like rain from the clouds, our tears need to go somewhere so we can move on. Once children can understand how tears can help us heal, they can appreciate the benefits of emotional honesty.

This beautiful story comes with beautifully illustrated artwork that compliments the author’s captivating words. Both parents and children will undoubtedly appreciate the gentle rhythm and rhyme of the poem, making it an excellent starter for kids to get into poetry. I highly recommend parents gift their little angels with this lovely work.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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