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Dress Whites, Gold Wings

by Daniell M. Brown

Dress Whites, Gold Wings. The title itself describes a pilot’s uniform, and this story is all about the pilot Daniell Brown and his life from 1941 to 2000. This book is a series of memorable moments in his life where you’ll see the author witness both life and death. There is not a single dull moment for the experienced pilot, from a baby reborn from Four Rose, a dead man coming back to life, a chasing a car down the streets of Japan, and even braving a near plane crash. Through these short stories, you will relieve the years of Daniell.

A piece of the author’s soul is inside this book. His personality is seen in the way it was written as well as the short comments at the end of each segment. Reading through the story, I had expected it to tell of the achievements and battles a pilot would have gone through in the 20th century, but I was pleased to see I got more than that. Dress Whites, Gold Wings gave me a set of romances, moral stories, danger, and comedy. You never really know what memory to expect next.

At some point, I found myself thinking, “What hasn’t Daniell Brown experienced?” as I read through the pages. You’d think the recollection of memories would be blurry, but the author was able to fill in the details. The writing created a clear image, to the point where it felt like I was watching a movie instead. There are many things to learn from in this book, like perceiving death and how to welcome life. Many people come and go, but they are alive as long as you remember them. Dress Whites, Gold Wings was more than I expected, and I’m pleased to have witnessed a piece of history through Daniell’s eyes.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2022

About the Author

Daniell M. Brown, now 70, was raised in rural Georgia, attended Emory-at-Oxford Junior College before becoming a Naval officer and jet pilot. Numerous duty assignments followed including stints in Florida, Newfoundland, Georgia, and California. After serving three tours to Vietnam (aboard aircraft carriers) he was assigned to Naples, Italy, for three years. He retired in 1976, to become an administrative executive in outdoor advertising and later, manufacturing. Dan and wife Becky live in and enjoy her hometown of Anniston, Alabama. Besides his Sheltie, Meg Ryan, his hobby is growing hostas, plants that love shade. He presently has over 100 varieties. Dan volunteers his time with the elderly and homebound of his Methodist Church. A “Kiwanian, ” he tutors in a grammar school and participates in other civic endeavors. Occasionally, he performs one-man, one-act dramas as “The Centurion at the Crucifixion” and “John Wesley.” Daughter Beth and son-in-law Doug will soon present a grandchild to enhance and liven his retirement years. Publication of “Dress Whites, Gold Wings” is the realization of a fifteen-year dream.

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