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Drip Into Drama


Ruby Baker Frazier

One of the many skills we learn in life is creativity. According to Robert E. Franken, creativity is the tendency to create or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities helpful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and each other.

One of the most significant proofs of human creativity is through the art of storytelling—whether it’s through books or plays. Author Ruby Baker Frazier taps into the creative outlet of the latter in her book, “Drip Into Drama.” This reference guide includes a collection of historical fiction plays with a memorable cast from Harriet Tubman to Amelia Earhart. Each historical figure plays a central part in shaping human history while making significant sacrifices.

This book also offers a handy guide on how students learn about each figure’s struggles and perseverance, thus teaching empathy or “putting themselves in another person’s shoes.” When a person starts developing empathy, they help connect with others on a deeper level. These plays also teach students how to read out loud, thus improving their language skills as they bring forth possible emotions from each character.

Aside from empathy and recitation skills, each play offers other critical soft skills. Examples include conflict management, creative problem-solving, and a deeper understanding of English. With several historical figures and stories to choose from, it’s almost a given that students will eventually feel inspired to develop their values.

In summary, “Drip Into Drama” is an easy-to-follow guideline for teachers everywhere. Suppose you want to teach your class how to develop empathy, recite lines out loud, develop analytic skills, and get in touch with their creative side. In that case, this book is a reference guide you must pay attention to.

You can also make the most of this book by starting a drama club with children. As you use this reference as your guide, watch them tap into a deeper side of themselves; you certainly won’t be disappointed.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2024