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Eddies of His Breath: Contemplations of the Word


Eric Ribbens


Many people often confuse Christianity as a traditionalist and archaic belief system. However, author Eric Ribbens is here to show how genuinely radical it can be. With its enduring lessons, symbolism, translations, and studies—Christianity has shaped the world. It will continue to do so even as it ages.

“Eddies of His Breath: Contemplations of the Word” is not necessarily for the contemplating Christian. While the study guide does leave room for interpretation and exploration, Ribbens has created a remarkable supplementary book that goes well with any starter guideline. From his creative interpretation of famous figures in the Bible to list down a series of questions for groups to ponder, Ribbens creates a well-thought-out yet incredibly organized guide for any Bible Reflection group.

Another excellent feature this book has is that it perfectly balances science and Christianity. Unlike many authors who shudder at evolution and science, the author gives a non-judgmental look at such studies with unwavering faith. His encouraging words in letting fellow believers explore and ask the big questions showcase his natural inclinations as a teacher.

I especially like how he has written popular characters in the Bible as relatable beings. Even when we do not know what goes on in Eve’s mind after the first sin, the author makes it a point to illustrate her regret realistically and sympathetically. With that in mind, he then asks us: Would we have done the same as Eve? Would we have acted differently? How so?

“Eddies of His Breath: Contemplations of the Word” is an excellent supplementary book to any Bible study class. If you love asking big questions and are looking for a way to articulate them, this book can be a great addition to your collection. Additionally, if you are thinking of giving a fellow believer a book this holiday, this one makes an unforgettable gift.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023