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Escape to Happiness

by George Park

“We were simply two lonely people who had found each other.”

George Park offers a sweet yet mature love story in his book, “Escape to Happiness.” Duncan Rhodes, billionaire and owner of his eponymous company, struggles to live through the rest of his days. After losing his wife, Helen, and his daughter, Mary, one night to a drunk driver, he drowns his sorrows in alcohol and isolation despite his wealth growing by the day.

Stella Canton is facing her own set of problems. After being brutally beaten by her abusive husband, John, she takes the plunge and runs away with her two young children. After withdrawing her entire life savings and making sure her location is untraceable, Stella makes it a point never to look back. Eventually, she files for divorce and settles for a new life in Dallas as a single mother named Stella Vinson.

Eventually, the two protagonists meet by chance at a park one day. After a somewhat awkward introduction, Duncan finds himself moved by Stella’s natural beauty and kindness as he subconsciously opens himself back to the world.

Stella, meanwhile, wonders if she could start a new life with a kinder man like Duncan—that is, until she realizes that he will soon be her boss at her new job.

With her heart already broken by her now ex-husband, can Stella pick up the pieces and find the courage to start a new relationship with Duncan?

The book covers several themes, including love, loss, hope, and starting over. Stella is a solid yet gentle character, while Duncan is resilient and generous. Despite their past hurt, it’s refreshing to see how the two of them could move past these events as they slowly started growing closer.

Overall, the book was a delight to read. If you’re a big fan of easy-to-read and feel-good romance, I highly recommend this book to be a part of your shelf.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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