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Eternal Embrace

by Ethan Peasley

What does it mean to believe in the goodness of humanity? For Mordecai, a hopeful vampire in  Ethan Peasley’s not-so-biblical fictional story Eternal Embrace, it means surviving and resisting the temptations of evil forces in New York. It starts with the named seven archangels whom Mordecai hopes will fight alongside him against his fellow vampire Asael and Lilith. Although of a similar kind, the group of Mordecai fights for a better cause and purpose; to give due process to humans and allow harmonious coexistence.

More than the thrilling journey and discoveries of gifts possessed by Michael, Raphael, and Gabrielle, the book discusses many points about hypocrisy, deceits, and even beliefs. The notion of compromise also opens the talk on why humans and vampires behave the way they do and what can be done to stop them. In preventing greater harm for his children, the seven archangels, and the other recruited old vampires, Mordecai’s trust for goodness makes it a light read. Filled with varying intentions in joining the war, all characters introduce different boiling arguments between reason and righteousness.

Although author Peasley uses metaphors and symbolism in making his point across, the effective combination of creative and conversational style of writing can certainly grow more curiosity in the mind of the readers. Putting different points of view and settings seems like watching a movie while imagining transitions and shifts of events. Biblical references and the realistic inquiry on how the duality between the good and bad still live through the world can also make the readers ponder on the existing knowledge they already have and the glimpse of eternal living, as embraced by the main character in the book.

A beautiful disaster –that’s how every cracking of bones and sipping of blood scene, will bring to the readers. It is not just a story of winners and losers between humans and evil forces, it’s also of enlightenment and hope.  For those who seek to embrace mysteries and unleash their potential ability to contribute to the flourishing of the humanities, reading the book is the first step.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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