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by Zane Kaylani

Humans  have long fled from Earth when the planet can no longer sustain life through bio-planes. These bio-planes were like artificial continents that floated through space like a large archipelago, equipped with life-sustaining amenities so humanity and a few earthly creatures could live on through space.

Gemma, the oldest and largest of the bio-planes, is on a threshold of a new era. After humanity’s exile from Earth, a few centuries have passed and society is once again conflicted. As the ruling government has made it a point to strike a balance between technology and simplicity, a few secretive religious groups believe that spirituality and transcendence are imperative for true progress.

As tensions arise and opposing points come into play, an unlikely trio absorbs a mysterious power that combines all of humanity’s energy—the vita eternigy. Now faced with more opposing forces that wish to use their newfound power, the three must embark on a journey across known worlds to harness their true potential.

Author Zane Kaylani offers a well-thought-out tale of conflicting views, the duty of responsibility, and potential. As the writer weaves through the narrative, he manages to create a fully realized world with impeccable detail and rich vocabulary. Since sci-fi relies heavily on setting the scene, the author overcomes this obstacle for many by displaying his artistic prowess with ease. Additionally, their words struck logical but intensely rhythmic prose throughout—making it a delight to read for anyone looking for a more philosophical side of the genre.

Nevertheless, the book is not just philosophical. It carries a lot of action and fascinating use of technology without confusing the reader. He also does a great job of fleshing out several of the characters within the tale. Adventus Borno, while ambitious and intimidating, also has a softer side to his stern impression. While fatherly and welcoming, the High Organon displays a mysterious side to him that is unreadable to many. Additionally, both Jaimin Caraggio and Shanna Oneen are exceptionally relatable as they struggle with their newfound responsibilities later in the tale.

As such, the story is a delight for anyone who enjoys sci-fi. Rich with lore and a fleshed-out world, sci-fi fans would surely appreciate this highly transcendent work.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023