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Falling Bedrooms: Our Lives in the Quantum Field


Dr. Donna Clovis

“Synchronicity is about coincidence in single moments of time.”

This sentiment is much discussed in Dr. Donna Clovis’ fifth installment in her series centered around Princeton. In “Falling Bedrooms: Our Lives in the Quantum Field,” the author examines the themes of race, time traveling through the subconscious, and media manipulation in a concise yet whimsical read.

Dr. Clovis illustrates the gesture of synchronicity through creative writing in its product as literature. Through art, we can interrelate mental and physical elements in the only ways we know how while also connecting with others. Through synchronicity, we experience extraordinary moments of timelessness through the experience of the conscious mind. However, as we read deeper into the book, we become more aware of the power behind our subconscious.

While the book is the fifth installment of the author’s series, “Falling Bedrooms” can stand independently. Through the author’s unique style of blending commentary with fantasy elements, readers can transverse through the realms of time and space by examining this country’s shared history and the uncertainties of our present. Despite corrupt institutions’ efforts to suppress the truth of black history and its own shameful acts, Dr. Clovis emphasizes that using our voice can ensure that our history lives on, provided we allow ourselves to use it.

When selecting a favorite chapter or short story, I can’t help but enjoy “The Dragon’s Blood Tree” saga the most. This part is my favorite because the author showcases her true talents in weaving words while showcasing a vivid yet unforgettable image. It was just pure fun and, indeed, Lewis Carroll-esque in style. (Fun fact: The ever-so-busy rabbit also makes a fantastic appearance!) “Falling Bedrooms: Our Lives in the Quantum Field” is a unique book that stands out from the rest. With so many anthologies readily available, it was an immense pleasure to come across this gem of a book and appreciate the writer’s creativity. While the author has undoubtedly made her fifth installment a worthy stand-alone book, fans of Dr. Clovis will no doubt recommend that new readers also check out the other parts of the series. Much like a symphony orchestra, each book plays a definitive role in making our shared journey through synchronicity worthwhile.

If you’re looking for a unique and refreshing take on examining history through the amalgamation of science and art, look no further than this enchanting read. It’s an unforgettable read that simultaneously engages your creative and rational side.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2024