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Family Feud: The Complicated Dynamics of Spare by Prince Harry

As the British Monarchy prepares for the coronation of King Charles III and The Queen Consort, news has made it on the other side of the pond that Prince Harry will be attending his father’s coronation sans Meghan Markle and his children.

The Duke of Sussex’s memoir, “Spare,” has been topping the New York Times Best Seller list under Non-Fiction. J.R. Moehringer ghostwrote the controversial memoir, which is currently available on Amazon in various formats. Its audiobook version is also narrated by Prince Harry, who describes his privileged yet unusual lifestyle.

Nevertheless, the British Royal Family is no stranger to drama. With a lineage that spanned centuries, the Monarchy has more than a few skeletons in the closet. From a surprise abdication to lavish royal weddings and extramarital affairs—it’s clear the British Royal family has no shortage of scandals.

Who is Prince Harry?

Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, is no stranger to scandals. Born as Henry Charles Albert David, he is the second son of King Charles III and Diana, Princess of Wales. He is also fifth in the line of succession to the British throne.

In January 2023, Prince Harry released a personal yet controversial memoir of his life from his childhood as a “spare” until today. Despite the book focusing on his life and struggles, the Duke does not shy away from telling his family’s shortcomings, generating mixed responses from people who are either for or against the Monarchy.

Spare by Prince Harry Summary:

Part Zero: The Title

The book is a recent account of Prince Harry’s childhood life until today. The title refers to his role as the ‘spare,’ i.e., a contingency heir. In the Monarchy, if the heir cannot fulfill his role as king, the spare will be the one to take the reins of the Monarchy.

Part One: His Childhood and the Death of Diana

Being born into royalty is a privilege only a few can possess. Harry reflects on the day of his birth, and how he was born as a spare in case, William needed an organ donor. He also refutes rumors of being James Hewitt’s illegitimate son, citing that the tabloids have pushed things too far.

During childhood, he describes his dynamic with his brother, like the late Queen Elizabeth II’s relationship with her sister, Princess Margaret. Harry doesn’t feel particularly fond of his late aunt despite the comparison and mentions his time in Ludgrove School.

He also recounts when he was informed of his mother’s death when he was twelve. He also states that walking behind his mother’s coffin horrified several adults. He also mentions that he believed his mother was in hiding for ten years due to the media’s intrusion, allegedly claiming that William also had the same thoughts.

Believing the summary conclusion of his mother’s death absurd, he questions why the paparazzi followed her. Harry claimed that he and his brother planned to issue a joint statement asking for reopening the investigation but were dissuaded.

During his 2007 trip to Paris, he had a man drive him through the same tunnel where his mother died at the same speed as the car she was in drove during that night. He describes the decision as unthought-out and admits to asking a woman for help because she claimed to have “powers.”

Part Two: His Tumultuous Teenage Years and Deployment to Afghanistan

Harry admits to using drugs like cocaine and magic mushrooms and combining them with alcohol in his teenage years. He also shares how he lost his virginity to an older lady and his tendency to pick fights in bars.

Harry addressed many controversial issues that splattered the British tabloids, notably the Nazi costume scandal and his tours of duty in Afghanistan.

Part Three: His Relationship with Charles and Camilla

Despite the love triangle between Charles, Camilla, and Diana back in the day, Harry mentioned that he and his brother welcomed Charles’ lover into the family if he did not marry her.

Nevertheless, he was happy for his father when they married, and he believed Camilla to be pivotal in his parents’ marriage disintegration. He also talks about his father’s lonely childhood and his role as Willian’s best man during his wedding in 2011.

Part Four: Relationship with Meghan Markle and Fatherhood

Harry recounts his first date with Meghan Markle and his regret for searching her sex scenes in her show “Suits.” After confronting her, he states that Meghan told him she wouldn’t tolerate his behavior and that he must seek therapy immediately. As their whirlwind romance unveils to the whole world, Prince William urges Harry to reexamine his relationship because he feels they’re moving too fast.

Nevertheless, Harry persisted and eventually married Meghan in a lavish ceremony in 2018. Harry believes his mother helped him find Meghan.

Before their first son’s birth, Harry admits they announced Meghan’s pregnancy to other family members during his cousin Princess Eugenie’s wedding in 2018. In 2020, he mentioned Meghan’s miscarriage and how they buried their unborn child in a secret place under a banyan tree.

Part Five: Megxit

In 2020, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, announced on Instagram their decision to step back as senior royals of the British Royal Family. They have decided to split their time between the United Kingdom and North America to become financially independent.

Harry recalls a confrontation with his brother before Megxit in 2019, in which the latter wanted to discuss Meghan’s alleged difficult behavior. Harry claimed the confrontation ended in a scuffle, with him knocked to the floor and smashing a dog’s bowl. He alleged that William looked regretful and apologized and that Meghan was sad after learning of the incident.

Harry also alleges that his father is jealous of Meghan’s popularity. He also mentioned that he didn’t expect to lose his state-funded security after stepping back as senior royals. Before Megxit, he alleges that the Sandringham Summit was a “fix” by three private secretaries of the royal household.

In 2021, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, passed away. Harry recounts another tense meeting with Charles and William following the funeral of his grandfather’s death. The encounter was brief, and Harry quickly returned to the United States.

In the last few pages, he stated he was refused permission to be buried in Althorp beside his mother. Harry decides that in the event of his death, he has already chosen Frogmore as the estate of his burial site.


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