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Father Sky, Mother Earth and Me

by Seana A Coughlin

In the beginning, God created the entire universe in just seven days. From the universe to the earth’s inhabitants, He filled the darkness with life and made a new beginning for us all.


Author Seana A. Coughlin explores these magnificent creations in her book, “Father Sky, Mother Earth and Me.” In the beginning, we learn of the sun and the sky as they introduce themselves to the reader. The rainbow, an essential part of the sky, serves as a bridge that helps bring souls to heaven once it’s time for them to meet God.


The book features colorful characters with happy faces, making it a delightful and cheerful book for children. While it doesn’t exactly reflect the same message as the creation in the book of Genesis, the author still provides a creative link to how God and why God has brought these things to life. Each character is lively, making it a great introductory piece for children just learning the fundamentals of reading.


There are many golden lessons young children can learn from this story. For instance, each creation serves a purpose from the sky, the sun, and the moon. As humans, we, too, play an essential part in nature by naming such creatures, forging bonds, and watching over God’s creations. Whatever purpose He has, we must listen with our hearts and spirits as we make it a point to ensure His legacy lives on.


Another is we should not work away from nature but welcome it with open arms. Humans cannot live without the sky and nature, which is why we should take care of it daily. The reason why the sky is our father is that it watches over us like God, and the reason why the earth is our mother is that we all live in her warm embrace.


Colorful, fun, and a delight for children—this book makes a perfect introduction for first-time readers!

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023