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Author Alice Weil Wins Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

Esteemed Author, Alice Weil of Austin Macauley Publishers, received the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for “Best Book in the Category of History” in June 2020. The award-winning book, Survival: A Story of Friendship is the ancestral account of the author’s kin. A genuinely beautiful story of friendship that leads to a heart-warming end in the sequel, Survival: A Story of Friendship Part 2. Astonishingly, the second book garnered the title, “Best Book in the Category of History” in the winter of 2022!

The Pinnacle Book Achievement Award is given to independently published authors by the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs (NABE), a group of experienced editor-judges who aim to aid authors in promoting their books in the market and consistently showcase the best books in their collection. It’s not just the two excellent books that won awesome awards from the NABE.

Weil’s Mother Nature and the Agent received the title “Best book in the Category of Environmental” in the Fall of 2021. Furthermore, her book Kidnapped was listed as the “Best book in the Category of Memoir” in the Summer of 2020. A lovely streak for Alice Weil herself!

Throughout the years, this mesmerizing author has garnered quite the reviews for her Survival series. An Amazon reader review shared:

“This is a true story set against the background of the pre-world-war II years. There are countless other books that share stories of that same time period. But this one is different, as it does not elaborate on the cruelty of war itself but on the feelings of a series of persons that are interconnected by their friendship and respect of each other. The author’s capacity to describe each character and his/ her feelings, emotions and longings give you the impression that they were part of your life, feeling with and for them as the novel evolves. It is refreshing to read a first-time author who tells a story as she feels it rather than as she thinks people want to read it!”

While a different reader shared some breath-taking insights to Weil’s Mother Nature and the Agent:

“The blue, the soft colours, the little penguins, the drawings… Then the title MOTHER…. all this environment soothes us and leads us into the story. “Once upon a time… But it is the story of an Earth and a Mother Nature who are tired of being disfigured and destroyed by their tenants, and seek to alert these poor humans, so that they stop their harmful actions. This brings us back to harsh reality, which is very well depicted through the different chapters. And to think that Mother Nature gives all power to a Virus Agent (to the point of locking us up or even killing us), so that we finally react, why not? We have reached a great turning point in humanity and we need to rebalance the forces between man and nature. This is a story that is bound to have a sequel, good or bad. I appreciate that you have shared this book with me, an interesting testimony for the young generations present and future generations… After and to express a very personal feeling, I have just finished reading. With Mother, I have the impression of having lived through 2 imprisonments in a row, of course in completely different conditions and contexts. But it struck me. You have been a prisoner many years ago and found yourself imprisoned. once more I thank you for allowing me to read your work. To the next one then…”

Alice Weil is indeed a skillful writer. No wonder her books received the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in various seasons!



Survival: A Story of Friendship Part I
Survival: A Story of Friendship Part I
Mother Nature and the Agent
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