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Epiphany’s Gift by Mallory M. O’Connor Wins Honorable Mention at Los Angeles Book Festival

Gainesville, Florida, May 2022 – Award-winning author Mallory M. O’Connor has received an Honorable Mention from the 2022 Los Angeles Book Festival for her paranormal/cli-fi novel, Epiphany’s Gift., book one of the psychic detective series. In her review of Epiphany’s Gift in The US Review of Books Melissa Dailey wrote:

“O’Connor creates a vibrant world of contrasts, pitting the polluted garden against the purity of the wilderness. She doesn’t let humanity off the hook, arguing that they are irresponsible gardeners at best and, in their worst moments, avaricious and downright evil villains. The novel is lush with descriptions of the sensations and visions Epiphany experiences. Art history and literary buffs will revel in Epiphany’s deep dives into both William Blake and Dante as she draws fascinating connections between these prophetic works and the world’s current climate crisis. The emerging genre of climate fiction, sure to become more and more mainstream, dovetails nicely with paranormal mystery in this intriguing first novel of a new series.“

About the Author. Mallory O’Connor is a writer, an art historian and a musician. She holds degrees in art, art history, and American history from Ohio University. For 20 years she taught art history at the University of Florida and at Santa Fe College. During this time, she also wrote hundreds of magazine articles and critical essays and curated numerous exhibitions for museums and galleries.

Born in Illinois and raised on a ranch on the American River in Northern California, O’Connor now resides with her husband, artist John in Gainesville, Florida. She is the author of two non-fiction books, “Lost Cities of the Ancient Southeast” and “Florida’s American Heritage River,” both published by the University Press of Florida. She is also the author of “The American River Trilogy.”

Her new paranormal series began with “Epiphany’s Gift” which was released in 2019. More information on O’Connor’s work is available at: https://oconnorartllc.com/


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