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What happens in the Deep Waters?

A Rick Riordan book: Daughter of the Deep

Do you ever wonder what lies beneath the surface of our vast oceans? What creature dwell within its depths that no human being has ever fully explored its territories? What happens in the deep waters?

As our gigantic oceans envelope this planet, too many questions surface; and with little to no exact answers, no one has ever concluded full navigation through the aquatic zones.

This is a world no one knows about- no one else but Captain Nemo, captain of the submarine named Nautilus. One would think of French novelist Jules Verne when reading about Captain Nemo.

However, this is not the case with Rick Riordan’s homage to the great author who has paved the way for the future we see today.

The book entails the story of a young girl, Anna Dakkar, an Indian high-school freshman studying at Harding-Pencroft Academy, a school that has produced excellent marine life and aquatic professionals. It starts with the initial adventures of Anna as she discovers a world of rivalry and a very complicated family tree that soon intertwines with the mysteries of Captain Nemo himself. No doubt, this book has established a new era in the world that Rick Riordan has created with the Percy Jackson universe.

The story does not end there though, what makes this book ever so interesting is how it touches the scientific world without a hint of mythology at all. Though Riordan has been praised for his mythological world, this novel has captured quite the attention through the marvel of the modern aquatic world with his complicated family trees and humor. The award-winning author has outdone himself once again as the book came out glorious as it could ever be!

What happens in deep waters? Readers are in for a roller coaster ride with a new scientific venture towards the deep ocean and a thirst for the rivalry between a new foe. A book worth reading and a story worth sharing indeed!

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