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How to Find a Legit Book Review Company

Online book reviews are a great way to bring publicity to your written work. Nowadays, several book review websites offer comprehensive reviews that cater to a specific audience. However, not every book review website is the same. Here are some questions to ask them first before committing to letting them review your book:

  1. How experienced are their writers?

Experience doesn’t always equate to a great book review. However, people who have written book reviews are likelier to have a more balanced and concise review. Experienced writers are also more likely to understand the value of book reviews and why they’re essential to any marketing campaign.

  1. What book genre do they usually review?

Some book reviewers will only write about a particular genre. Be it fantasy, horror, self-help, and others. If you want to look for a versatile writer open to reviewing many books, check out the book lists on the company website and see how varied their genre reviews are.

  1. How fluent are the writer’s English skills?

English fluency is a must when you want a high-quality book review. When a writer who struggles with basic English reviews your book, it may give the impression that your work is not worth the read because the writer isn’t even communicating their ideas, thus, lowering the quality of your work.

  1. How often do they post their book reviews?

Companies that post regular updates on their blog or website give the impression that they have multiple clients. It also provides the impression that they are orderly, timely, and know the value of their client’s happiness.

  1. Is their website high-quality?

Websites with updated features, clear logos and text, easy-to-search content, and quick loading speed show effort and the impression that the site is well-maintained. It also shows that the company has made a wise investment in ensuring its website is as accessible as possible.

Picking the best book review site can ensure your work’s overall success on Amazon and other platforms. Make sure to narrow your choices effectively and chat with the site’s staff before investing in a marketing package. After all, your book deserves the best treatment!

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