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Midwestern Author Releases Captivating Book in Capturing Art through Pain

Author Donna M. Villani releases a book that aims to instill an understanding of unconditional love in the reader. In her work, “The Capture of Art,” she covers a wide range of emotions through a story laced with intrigue, mystery, and possible murder.

The book’s protagonist, Olivia Anne Webster, is an enigma. Readers can examine her life up close and personal through her eyes as she navigates through several different places worldwide. From Kansas in the early 1900s to New York City and even the Japanese Seto Islands, readers can capture the essence of her inner spirit through the author’s mastery of prose.

Each page unveils her character’s thoughts and feelings as she effortlessly weaves her tale.

One satisfied reader on Amazon named Hope Gibson writes, “Moved very quickly through the life of the main character. Can’t wait until the sequel! She is also a local author-cool!” [sic]

Another satisfied reader on the same site pens, “Great book. Return to Red Winds, the sequel coming soon! Can’t wait!” [sic]

Author Donna M. Villani is no stranger to publishing. Aside from her work, “The Capture of Art,” and its sequel, “Return to Red Winds,” she also has other books readily available on Amazon, such as “Sole Mate,” and “The Portal,”.  At this time she is busy with her future endeavor “Keep Shining Still Here”. She currently resides in the Midwest.

With several books ready under her belt, the author’s work is currently running for “The Most Moving Book Award” on January 2, 2023. Her book, “The Portal,” a futuristic western that relays the tale of a young woman who meets her true destiny while traveling with her family on a wagon train heading west. When the mysterious Indian Kuruk immediately perceives her as ‘The Portal,’ she may be the missing key that her family needs.

Stay tuned for more works by her and visit her website.

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