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Some Pros and Cons of Having Your Book Professionally Reviewed

One way of effectively marketing your book is to get budding readers to read it. Naturally, it should also be followed by a professional book review, which has its pros and cons.

If you are thinking of getting a paid professional to review your book, here are some pros and cons to expect:


  1. Offers online visibility.

Several professional reviewers from legitimate sites and organizations offer online traction, which will help gain interest in your book. Additionally, reviews from these places also help online shoppers find their next great read, which is generally a win for both authors and readers.

  1. Provides an in-depth review of your work.

One of the many benefits of a book review is that it gives the author an in-depth look into their work from a different perspective. Professional book reviews often include a brief synopsis of the book, its strengths, and weaknesses. This guarantees that your book has been read.

  1. They offer prestige.

A variety of reputable organizations and publications that give favorable reviews to books increase the latter’s prestige, ultimately boosting the author and their book’s overall reputation. This makes them viable for more opportunities, i.e., media attention, increased sales, and a chance to work with other industry experts.


  1. Deadlines may vary.

Depending on the organization and the book’s length, authors can expect their review to be submitted within a few days or months. This can be time-consuming, especially if the book has been out for quite some time.

  1. The review may not be favorable.

Authors who pay for reviews from specific sites are not guaranteed to receive a favorable review. This can be a gamble for new authors who are sensitive to critique and are still trying to gain traction with their intended audience.

  1. Costs may be expensive.

A comprehensive review written by a professional can be costly. This is especially true for self-published authors on a budget. Moreover, they may be included in a package that contains expensive marketing campaigns and strategies.

All in all, book reviews are an effective albeit costly investment to garner attention to your book. Before investing in a marketing package that includes book reviews, consider your online marketing strategy before contacting an expert. Good luck!

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