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Steps to Do Before Writing a Book Review

Reading Writing a book review requires time and effort. Before you hit the publish button on your blog, there are essential steps to incorporate into your draft before you’re satisfied with your finished work.

Here are some steps to follow before writing a book review:

  1. Read the entire book first.

Reading a book from the first page to the last should be every book reviewer’s priority before writing a book review. Moreover, this step helps you understand the story’s overall plot and theme.

  1. Keep an open mind.

It’s important to note that every author has their style, strengths, and challenges. People comfortable with a particular genre may not be ready to review a book in another genre or style. Whatever the case, their internal biases may affect their ability to write a fair and concise review. Be prepared to be receptive to stories you aren’t familiar with. Who knows? You might even find a new genre to love!

  1. Focus on critical plot points.

Fictional books in a series may have several minor plots intertwined with the main story. When writing a book review, try to focus on the main plot and how it brings this particular installment to a close. Check if the author resolved these minor plot points at the end of the book or if they intentionally left it for the next part.

  1. Offer suggestions to a potential audience.

At the end of your book review, offer some suggestions on which people may benefit from reading this book. You can also recommend similar reads that are more to their taste. This step encourages engagement and gives the reviewed book the attention it deserves.

Learning what to do before writing a book review ensures that your writing process goes smoothly and without distractions. After you get used to the rhythm of a book review, incorporate your writing style so your audience can read your distinct voice. Good luck, and keep on reading!

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