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Things to Include in Your Book Review

Review Writing a book review requires careful preparation, which includes many elements to create a clean and cohesive article. When working on a draft for your book review, here are some parts it should consist of:

  1. The summary without spoilers.

People look for book reviews online because they want to know the book’s plot. A good book review should include a story summary without spoilers and leaking out essential plot points. It helps to create intrigue when writing this part, leaving the reader wanting more.

  1. The strengths of the overall book.

A good review must highlight the book’s strengths, whether it’s the story, characters, dialogue, or even the author’s style. This part gives the reader a clear idea of what to expect if they decide to purchase the book itself. Remember to be fair and concise with your words to avoid confusing the reader.

  1. The stand-out lines.

This part is optional, but one way of showing the audience the author’s writing style is to include a small snippet of lines that you can expect from their book. Beautiful words can draw a reader in, whether it’s a small, emotional line of undying devotion or a line that summarizes the story without giving spoilers.

  1. A brief wrap-up and suggestions.

Finish your review by writing what you liked the most from the book. Offer suggestions on who may enjoy reading this book and options similar to the story themselves. Encourage your readers to comment, like, and share your review so it can help authors gain traction and interest in their book.

A good book review includes examining the story and the book itself. This review gives a more in-depth and comprehensive study that offers reviewers and authors helpful information. When done correctly, a good book review can make or break a book’s success.

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