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Former All Army Champion Delivers a Knock-Out Retelling of a Hero Searching for the Holy Grail

Author Neil J. Smith delivers a knock-out retelling of searching for the Holy Grail.

In his book, On the Ropes: A Tale of the ’60s,” the protagonist, Percival Jones, is a hardworking boxer with immense talent. After a qualifying win that brings him closer to his goal in the Olympics, he receives shocking news of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s death, which sweeps across the nation. However, this is just the beginning of his problems as he finds his road to his destiny contains more troubles in store.

Hard-hitting, precise, and methodical to a degree—the author delivers lines like a seasoned boxer with incredible skill and finesse. This fact is unsurprising, given that he was a seasoned pugilist and won countless awards, including the All Army Champion. Despite taking place in the 60s, a wave of appreciation derives from readers of all ages.

William Packard, founder and editor of the New York Quarterly—a national poetry magazine, describes the book claims, “Colossal power, sharp, spot-on writing…”

Another reader, Tony William Jones, praises the classic tale of continuous struggle. He pens, “This book is perfectly suited to the times we are in even though it is set in another era…”

Barbara Luviene adds, “Mr. Smith deftly balances the worst impulses of man, with deep, heartfelt love and honor.”

The story occurs in an era of great divide within its political atmosphere, which many readers will find relatable. Despite this different era, it almost seems befitting that Percival’s tale should occur in a similar climate. After all, many great heroes have surpassed countless adversities in their wake before they reach their ultimate goal. From Odysseus’ travel to return home to King Arthur seeking the Holy Grail, Percival Jones is on his way to finding his true destiny.

With such a powerful debut already under his name, there’s no doubt that readers are excited to see the writer’s subsequent work. He currently has a website you’ll find updates on his work and social media links.


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