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From Me to You: The Power of Storytelling and Its Inherent Generational Wealth—An African American Story


Deidra R. Moore-Janvier, Esq.

“What is slavery?” This innocent question posed by the author’s child led the writer to compile an insightful and thorough journey through ancestral culture and history.

Designed as an innocuous conversation between a mother and her child, the story the author provides begins as you might expect it to. A considerate and compassionate parent protects her offspring and is responsible for their education and growth. The nurturing of a child’s mind and spirit is an integral part of that growth; learning where he came from is the path toward learning who he will be. 

Part of a parent’s conversations with her child begins with checking for understanding. After a quick level set of what the young mind was already privy to, the natural flow of the conversation turns to teach him how to ask the right questions. Teaching him to gather data, research, and form his own opinions and understanding based on his discoveries. After said work, the young mind is ready to hear the story his mother is ready to provide. 

The story itself is full of history, global facts, and details that aid in understanding a very complex topic. Centuries’ worth of history is shared, logically progressing from the origins inside the continent of Africa, a review throughout other geographies, to the present day and current location. The current location in the story is a peaceful alcove in the backyard, a safe space for a young boy to quietly speak with this mother and learn about grown-up things like slavery, hate, bias, and people unwillingly uprooted from their lives.

The subject matter is not one that will ever elicit good feelings. Slavery is a legacy of injustice, persecution, and a villainous black mark against humanity that cannot be brushed under the rug. Knowledge is power and one that we always want to equip our future generations with. 

Overall, this book offers an insightful and detailed journey through history through a simple conversation of “From Me to You.” I highly recommend it to any parent seeking guidance on tackling and discussing complex issues with their children. By allowing children to process such topics at their own pace and understanding, you’ll find that they can quickly become well-informed and knowledgeable individuals.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2024