The Further Adventures of Gentleman Jack and Mister Twist

Alan Montgomery presents a remarkable continuation in his book. Appropriately called The Further Adventures of Gentleman Jack and Mister Twist, he summarizes what transpired in the final events of the novel through Jack Dawkins’ eyes. After confirming the fate of these characters, we follow Jack’s life as he is sent to the United States, who is now indebted to work for seven years. Fortune has bestowed upon the former pickpocket when he is indebted to Mr. Galting Stone. Stone is a former gem cutter whose connection to Jack is closer than what meets the eye.

American River: Tributaries: Book One of the American River Trilogy by Mallory M. O’Connor

American River: Tributaries by Mallory M. O’Connor is a historical book that originates from when three families of different racial descents emigrated to America; then crossed paths in Northern California on a settlement by the river.