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God’s Beauty in the Deep by Gary Knapp

Have you ever wondered what God’s plan is for you? Or do you already have an idea of which way God wants you to go? If you are still searching for the answer to these questions, Gary Knapp’s God’s Beauty in the Deep might help you find them.

In this book, Gary Knapp tells an engaging narrative about his journey as an underwater photographer. He takes his readers to his unique discovery of God’s plan for his life—to share God’s most beautiful creation under the sea through his lens.

To capture scenics and wildlife shots is no easy feat. It requires more than having state-of-the-art equipment and safety gear and taking in-water basic training.

The book tells the readers that to get better at something, one must dedicate their time, dedication, and effort toward learning and practicing a certain skill or craft.

It emphasizes that God gifts each person guidance and wisdom, and it’s up to the person how they will use those gifts to accomplish one’s purpose.

To Gary, taking awe-inspiring underwater pictures is more than just making money for a living; it is his purpose. He believes that God uses him as an instrument by sharing with others what he has experienced and learned as an underwater videographer or filmmaker. Sharing the photos of rarely seen creatures and seldomly explored areas of the sea to others is just like sharing God. He shares the photos hoping that doing so will change other people’s lives in the same way it changed his.

This book will take you back to the start of Gary’s quest to find his purpose until finally living as God’s instrument. Ultimately, this book will open your eyes to the outcome of your choices and encourage you to seek God’s guidance and direction. An inspiring memoir, indeed.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2022


About the Author

Gary Knapp is a divemaster and renowned underwater videographer who has a tremendous passion for capturing and sharing life under the ocean and around the world. While filming for the Dive Travel adventure series, he has traversed the planet to every corner of the globe.

With over one thousand dives to his credit, he has created thirty-seven DVDs of the top global dive destinations. He is a man who chose to do more than spend his remaining retirement years in a recliner.