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David Scott

Joshua Rand is a twenty-six-year-old citizen who had just enlisted in the United States Army. After a failed pet grooming business with his ex-wife Lynn, he finds himself in a new environment far from his old life. From trading in his comfortable life in the suburbs to learning how to shoot rifles, he soon becomes a trainee at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

The first few chapters follow his basic training regimen. Throughout the weeks in South Carolina, Josh has recurring dreams of his life back in Georgia. Lynn, who has been corresponding with him regularly throughout his basic training, exhibited some peculiar behaviors before she was officially diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder or Manic Depression.

Distraught yet determined, Josh does whatever it takes to ensure Lynn is not penalized for her reckless acts. She has since moved back to Munich, Germany, with her mother. At the same time, Josh prepares for his Computer Operations classes in Indianapolis for his second phase of military training. After some self-reflection, he decides to return and remarry Lynn after finishing his CMO training.

However, that goal is easier said than done. After his discharge from the Army, Josh lands a job with an aerospace firm in Los Angeles. This move may be a mixed blessing as he soon stumbles upon a corporate malfeasance. Coupled with an extraordinary experience that is simply out of this world during their time when they were stationed in Germany, Josh and Lynn may be getting into more than what they bargained for when that same experienced follows them to California.

“Green” by David Scott is an unexpected romance between a self-proclaimed loner and a dynamic yet fragile woman. While the story begins with Josh and Lynn as a married couple, readers soon discover the noticeable cracks in their relationship—particularly on Lynn’s side as she succumbs to her condition.

Still, despite her state, Josh loves and cares for her—even going so far as to remarry her again because he couldn’t imagine a life without her.

While Josh and Lynn’s relationship is integral to the plot, the novel also deals with Josh’s growth as an individual. From trading in his comfortable life to a strict one in the army, Josh’s unexpected strength as he adjusts to life in basic training and beyond. As we learn more about his thoughts, feelings, fears, and worries, we cannot help but root for him to succeed, even if we don’t necessarily agree that he made the right choice.

Still, not all is doom and gloom, as comedic moments in this book balance the rough and the gritty parts. With a unique twist at the end, this book is simply unforgettable.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2024