H. Ann Ackroyd

H. Ann Ackroyd is the author of four books with special mention to Slaves, Masters and Traders: Historical Fiction and Across the Rift: World War Two Novel in Rhythmic Prose (Colonial Historical Fiction Series) for these two got multiple perfect five star reviews on Amazon.

Slaves, Masters and Traders: Historical Fiction. Although the book deals with a dark and serious subject – slavery in 1800 AD – it is not all doom and gloom. The story is told from the differing points of view of different sets of people in three different locations: In Louisiana the story is told both from the point of view of a black slave family as well as from the point of view of their masters. In West Africa the narrative follows a black tribal family prior to capture and through to subsequent transportation and enslavement. In Britain the points of view are those of three different types of slave traders and the world in which they live.

The second one is Across the Rift: World War Two Novel in Rhythmic Prose (Colonial Historical Fiction Series). For lovers of Colonial Historical Fiction and World War Two Histories, here is a book you must read!! And trust me, you are in for a different reading experience because this Colonial Historical Fiction and World War Two Fiction Book is written in Rhythmic Prose! Here is the deal…

The story line follows the lives of members of the same family living in three locations during World War Two: Britain, Nazi-occupied Austria and Southern Rhodesia in Africa. On the British side, Malcolm is present at Dunkirk and his mother, Helen, experiences the bombing of London. Nell, British, Rudi, Austrian, and their daughter Acorn sit out the war in Southern Rhodesia, but nonetheless, war touches every aspect of their lives.

The Austrian contingent consists of Amelia, an aristocrat, who is mother of Rudi and two teenagers, Werner and Sofie, who live in Nazi-occupied Vienna. The family is anti-Nazi but pays lip-service to the Nazi overlords, while helping to run a Monarchist Resistance group. Werner, an ambulance driver, is injured in Normandy. Sofie creates a problem for her family by falling in love and secretly marrying a Nazi officer who participates in Hitler’s Russian Campaign.

The story follows the British members of the family through to the euphoria of VE-Day and, at the same time, the Austrian members through to the Allied bombing of Vienna. Rudi and Nell in Africa are caught between the winners’ euphoria and the losers’ humiliation.

Despite the dark times, humor, hope, love and redemption feature in equal measure. This is a book you should read and all you need to do is hit the buy now button at your right side to get a copy of this unconventional work of fiction.

Another book of the author worth mentioning is Colonial Adventure and Other Stories. It is an epic in free-form verse depicting a slice of British colonial history (1936 – 1977) as experienced by individuals on both sides of the racial conflict. It starts with a British couple who establish a large agricultural operation in what was then Southern Rhodesia, later Rhodesia and now Zimbabwe. With the rise of black nationalism, the black majority rebels, leading to a brutal civil war that damages every segment of the population.

Of the other shorter stories, all in free-form verse, one concerns a female architect from Haiti, another a retired actor and a third a young boy abandoned by his mother.

A fourth poem addresses an over-reaction in the climate of fear about Islam and a
fifth an outrage against a teenager seeking to free herself from family domination.
Simba Kubwa is a dramatic monologue conducted by an African dictator.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: H. Ann Ackroyd was born and raised in southern Africa. She is of British and Austrian parentage and has family in Britain, Europe and Africa with whom she keeps in touch and on whose experiences she draws, along with her own, in Colonial Adventures and Other Stories and Across the Rift. She was trained at the University of Vienna, Austria, as a translator: main languages English and German, also Spanish and Portuguese. She has lived in Africa, Europe, Brazil and now lives in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada.