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Have a Nice Day

by Ardyce Miller-Templeman

Imagine this: You are part of a three-group friendship who worked together at a New York Telephone Company. One day during lunch, you found a suitcase full of Off-track Betting tickets worth a thousand dollars each, totaling up to three million dollars. After realizing that the races are part of an elaborate scheme, and the winning tickets are in your position, do you:


a. Return it to the owners?


b. Use it to your advantage?


c. Enter into a highly amusing yet memorable adventure that involves several cops, restaurant owners, a homeless man, and a Mafia boss with his cronies?

Regardless of your answer, I guarantee you’ll have a fun yet memorable read in H.B. Flay’s “Have a Nice Day.”

This book is an amusing yet incredibly well-paced story set in New York City. When three employees suddenly struck gold after finding a briefcase containing winning OTB tickets, they suddenly find themselves embroiled in a tangled tale.

Combine that mishap with a belligerent mafia boss, a homeless man looking for their family, and three suspicious wivesand you’ve got a classic comedy. As if that wasn’t enough, a sudden mugging incident at a popular restaurant may be one of the many troubles the trio incidentally involved themselves.

While the story is brief, the author does a great job of making every line memorable. Aside from his unmistakable wit, he can also make every character’s interaction charming. He also has an incredible way of bringing in the unexpected despite the book being a quick read. As you turn the pages, you’ll suddenly find yourself laughing at the scenarios these men brought upon themselves. While the humor is solid, there are background stories that are sure to tug your heartstrings.

This book is worth every penny with memorable characters, witty dialogue, and hilarious mishaps. If you know someone who may enjoy a light read about the kind of mischief these guys would get into, they surely won’t be disappointed with this story.

Have a nice day!

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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