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Hindi Handwriting

by Deborah Shaer

Hindi Handwriting: An Effective Way to Learn by Deborah Shaer is a valuable guide to learn and understand the Hindi language. But more than a simple language guide, it’s a holistic journal, not only for learning Hindi but also for understanding India’s rich culture. The author presents an innovative way of language learning here.

Language is a medium for communicating knowledge. Learning a new language is definitely a mental challenge. The author understands the needs and demands of the learner.

If you are interested in learning Hindi, then you will be interested in knowing Indian heritage and culture. This way, you can connect with the emotions behind this language.

The learning concepts are arranged and explained in three parts. The first part focuses on learning how to learn. Language learning is not at all difficult for academically excellent students.

But what about the students who are not skilled at this? Dyslexia is a major but less highlighted learning disability. It is not that dyslexic people cannot learn a new language. They understand and register new sounds differently from others. However, they may struggle with comprehension and writing. For them, we have to change and adapt to a new level of education. By connecting memory with human emotions, we can improve the comprehension level.

The author then moves on to the language part. Here she illustrates the basic grammar, writing style, letters, sentence structure, conversation methods, and other details. This part covers all the main aspects of the Hindi language. With some effort, you can easily learn Hindi to an intermediate level. This knowledge is sufficient for day-to-day communication, reading signs, and writing. The final part of the book focuses on mindfulness and Hindu culture. She analyses the spiritual, material, and social side behind this culture.

The spiritual side of our mind evokes the desire for knowledge. We can comprehend anything better and faster with this method. The author has used her experience and understanding to craft such an important content for learning which is contained in her priceless book, Hindi Handwriting: An Effective Way to Learn. This approach solves many learning difficulties without a doubt.

– The Moving Words Review

Official entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2022


About the Author

Deborah Shaer is a child and adolescent therapist-counselor, with a background as a school therapeutic counselor specializing in the arts. Currently, she is working in private practice in London. Her work is integrative and transpersonal, incorporating a wide range of therapeutic approaches including psycho-education. Deborah’s past experiences include teaching English to speakers of other languages (ESOL). Prior to that, she devoted stretches of her time in India, covering a span of ten years whilst deepening her meditation and mindfulness practice alongside community work. Her advocacy for holistic education and social and cultural awareness arises out of her own history and the marginalization suffered by many of the children and adolescents she has worked with. This is her first book. –This text refers to the paperback edition.